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  • The Angry Birds Empire
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Rovio (the company that developed the Angry Birds game) has sold more than 12 million Angry Birds apps. Angry Birds is also available online for those who do not have an iPhone or Android phone. Needless to say, the game is addicting. In fact, it’s one of the most addicting games every created. That’s why Rovio intends to cash in on the Angry Birds craze while the iron is still hot.

All around the world Angry Birds t-shirts are selling quickly. From Mexico to France, Angry Birds stuffed animals abound. More than 3 million dollars in sales have been generated from these two items alone. Based upon this immense amount of success, Rovio has recently announced that the company will move towards other products including building an animation studio and a cookbook. That’s right, a cookbook.

The Angry Birds Cookbook

Some may call it twisted. Others will see the distinctly Finnish humor behind the book. The Angry Birds cookbook will feature, what else, egg recipes. Hundreds of different ways to cook eggs will be included in the Angry Birds cookbook. For Angry Bird collectors, this book is essential.

The Angry Birds cookbook has not been published yet, but rumor has it that the book will be release within the next month or so. Of course, the Angry Birds cookbook will also be available via app for iPhone and Android users alike.

A Foray Into Animation

While a cookbook may seem like a stretch for the Finnish company, an animation studio seems logical. Rovio has been creating video games for a number of years now. Angry Birds is the first hit that the company has developed. Not wanting the success of Angry Birds to dissipate, Rovio intends to make the popularity of this game last as long as possible.

You can expect to see some short animations coming from Rovio within the next year or so. The company also announced (at a recent press conference) that it has plans to develop a full length animation movie within the near future. Whether or not the Angry Birds will take center stage in the feature film is unclear, though company spokesmen have stated that they are not letting go of the popular birds just yet.

Building a Brand

The steps that Rovio is currently taking are interesting to say the least. In addition to stuffed animals, t-shirts, a cookbook, and an upcoming animation studio, Rovio has also made strides to connect with real life birds. The company worked with Bird Life International in April of 2011 in order to raise money for the bird protection group.

In addition to teaming up with Bird Life International, Rovio offered anyone who visited the Bird Life International site an Angry Birds Easter Edition next level clue. Rovio is quickly showing other global companies how to approach business from a whole new standpoint. Instead of making a new video game to beat Angry Birds, Rovio intends on keeping the birds around as long as possible. Why not? Everyone loves an Angry Bird, after all.