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  • Angry Birds Finally Comes to Facebook
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Rovio (the developers behind Angry Birds) has announced that the company will finally bring the popular Angry Birds game to Facebook on February 14th – that’s right, Valentine’s Day. Rovio execs have stated that the Facebook version of the game will be different from the mobile version. How different? The small changes that Rovio plans to make haven’t been revealed yet, but you can expect to see lots of friend request, user comments, and other social connectivity happening on the Facebook platform.

Presently, Rovio is worth 1.2 billion (due almost entire to the success of Angry Birds) reports Mashable. Presumably, the company is hoping to increase that profit by sending those loveable pigs and flingable birds to Facebook. Some critics have stated that this move might wear out the Angry Birds brand (much like Krispy Kreme did by selling day-old donuts at gas stations), but Rovio has a plan in-mind, and it’s the same plan that the game maker has been following since Angry Birds first took off.

The Lifespan of a Game

Prior to the success of Angry Birds, Rovio spent many years developing others games (games that didn’t really pan out for the company). When Angry Birds became an overnight hit, Rovio did everything in its power to make sure that this game lasted as long as possible. Instead of following in the path of other game developers (Atari comes to mind), all of the company’s time and energy has been spent developing more Angry Birds games, putting out plush bird toys, and creating all kinds of interesting items.
While the success of the mobile Angry Birds game hasn’t fizzled out quite yet, Rovio knows (as does any game developer) that the popularity of a game doesn’t last forever.

So, logically, the next step is to create a social networking version of the game. Those who don’t own a smartphone can play Angry Birds online – and even those who do own a smartphone might be able to get away with playing Angry Birds through Facebook while at work. In short, Rovio is simply spreading the Angry Birds game as much as possible before the game becomes last year’s news.

A Valentine’s Day Launch?

Why did Rovio pick Valentine’s Day to launch the Facebook version of Angry Birds? Perhaps the company has a soft spot for those who will be alone on the day that Cupid favors most. Then again, maybe Rovio developers are hoping that couples will play the Facebook version of Angry Birds together. Who knows why Rovio chose Valentine’s Day, but you can expect hearts and other symbols to pop up on-screen while checking out the Angry Birds Facebook launch.

Whether or not you have plans this Valentine’s Day, it might be hard to resist checking out the new Angry Birds Facebook game. Even if you have no interest in the Facebook version, it will be nearly impossible to resist seeing game-play by your friends and family members thanks to the new Facebook timeline, so you might as well give in and give this unique version (according to Rovio) of Angry Birds a shot.