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  • An Angry Birds Theme Park
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We can learn a lot about Finnish video game developer Rovio. Rovio is the company that brought you Angry Birds, but it’s also the company that taught others about intelligent advertising. The marketing world paid attention when Rovio decided to launch a line of toys, cookbooks, and other items instead of attempting to create another game that is just as popular as Angry Birds. Now, Rovio teaches other companies a lesson about choosing peace over war.

A Chinese theme park (The Window of the World) recently created an Angry Birds game that was named “The Real Version of Angry Birds.” If you’re familiar with the video game, you can guess what this theme park version included. But, The Window of the World owners did not have permission from Rovio to use the Angry Birds name in any manner. Instead of shutting the operation down, Rovio has seen this incident as an opportunity.

Rovio Partners With Chinese Theme Park

The subheading above pretty much explains it all. Upon hearing about the new Angry Birds theme park through media sources, Rovio contacted the owners of The Window of the World Theme Park. Then, Rovio did something that most other companies wouldn’t dream about: they talked about creating a partnership with the theme park owners.

After all, a theme park game that allows people to sling stuffed Angry Birds at stuffed pigs via a giant slingshot is a game that’s prime for publicity. Rovio hasn’t revealed much about this new partnership, but consumers are definitely paying attention to how the situation has been handled. Rovio has managed to keep its image intact while also allowing Chinese theme park-goers to relieve stress by launching stuffed birds through the air.

The Growing Chinese Market

Rovio knows that the company has many fans in China. In fact, China is becoming one of the largest consumer markets in the world. Looking to cash in on this craze, Rovio is, seemingly, attempting to use the popular theme park to launch future product lines. If Rovio can tap into the massive market, Angry Birds games of all kinds will be popping up in China.

According to recent statistics, more than 100 million people will have downloaded Angry Birds by the finish of 2011. That’s 100 million people that Rovio can market future games and products to. Interestingly, Angry Birds still hasn’t lost its charm in North American markets either. Instead, consumers are purchasing all kinds of items to enhance the gaming experience (including Angry Birds eagles and other game items).

An Angry Birds Game in North America?

It’s not likely that Rovio will reach out to North American theme parks in order to create an Angry Birds game. Consumers in North America don’t seem to have the same passion for games as consumers in China do. But, that doesn’t mean that Rovio will be switching all of its attention to China. In fact, you can bet that you’ll see more merchandise centered around the Angry Birds empire soon enough – also, if you happen to be traveling to China, you can check out the Angry Birds amusement park game for yourself!