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  • Angry Birds Fans: Now Play On Facebook Timeline
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There are lots of games that Facebook fans can sink their teeth into. In fact, Facebook has no shortage of time wasting games and other useless apps to keep most social networkers entertained for a large amount of time. But, no game out there beats the popularity of Angry Birds. So, what’s better than Facebook games and Angry Birds apps? Why, the two combined, of course! That’s right, Angry Birds fans, you can now get your slinging bird fix straight from your Facebook timeline by embedding the game using Rovio’s code (available on the Rovio site). All it takes is one log in to your timeline to see all of your favorite pigs and birds lined up and ready for some action – but that’s not all.

Rovio and Facebook have teamed up, so that you can not only play Angry Birds using the popular social network, but you can also challenge other people who are part of your friend list to a game of Angry Birds – a little competition never hurt, right? Rovio is great at drumming up new Angry Birds interest, and what better way to get straight to the heart of the matter than bringing those birds everyone loves to fling to one of the most popular social networks around.

How to Embed Your Game

Technically, you can embed an Angry Birds game not only on Facebook but also on any blog or website using Rovio’s simple HTML code. Once you’ve snagged this code, you can simply place it anywhere you like, it really is that simple. If you’re not familiar with HTML code, Rovio will help you out with this too by providing a few quick tips directly on the site. Once you post the code, you can display things like your highest score and challenge other people to a game – you know, basic bragging rights.

Rovio is forever looking for ways to diversify Angry Birds and now the company has found a new outlet. Incidentally, Rovi has been making the game available across many platforms and devices for some months now, so this new move really makes a lot of sense. The question is: how annoyed will you Facebook friends become when you start requesting that everyone you know sign up for a competitive game of Angry Birds? If you’re thinking that this might be Farmville all over again, you might be right. Has Rovio gone too far by saturating the market completely or is there still some room left for Angry Birds to grow?

Still As Popular As Ever

Whether or not you’re sick of Angry Birds is up to you, but the fact remains that the game is just as popular as it ever was. In fact, Angry Birds Space was one of the top selling games ever created, and that game just came out. Apparently, the general mobile gaming public hasn’t had enough of the Angry Birds Empire, and Rovio might not be oversaturating the market. Then again, Facebook availability just may make people sick of the game for good.

If you have a Facebook account, will you be embedding Angry Birds or are you tired of the game? Let me know in the comments!