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  • Angry Birds Toons Coming In March!
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It’s been awhile since we’ve seen anything from Rovio. Try to think back a few months, though. Rovio did announce that an Angry Birds cartoon would be surfacing. Well, Angry Birds fans, that day has come.

The new Angry Birds Toons cartoon has almost arrived. On March 16th, Angry Birds Toons will debut. A first look reveals birds and pigs that are adorable, loveable, and entirely marketable. The new cartoon will show up on Rovio’s website for now, but it might make its way to a smartphone near you very soon.

Since the game’s original debut, Rovio has gained more than 260 million users worldwide! That’s an amazing number for a game that’s mainly phone-based! Rovio intends to milk the Angry Birds craze as much as possible too.

Not only has the company come out with various versions of the Angry Birds game, but Rovio has also produced an offshoot of the game called Bad Piggies that has also done well in various app stores. Will Any Birds Toons be another smash success or are Rovio fans tired of birds and pigs?

Details, Details, Details

Angry Birds Toons will be produced in weekly installments on the company’s website. The first episodes will feature all of the characters you’ve come to know and love. Rovio also promises fans that the cartoon will explore the biography of each bird and pig in order to keep fans entertained.

Find out why Bomb Bird is so angry and what the pigs do to stay out of the way. It seems like Rovio has put much thought into the script of these upcoming cartoons, and there’s no doubt that watching the birds and pigs in toon form will be lots of fun.

Of course, Rovio intends to create more bird and pig toys to go along with Angry Birds Toons too. After all, that’s why Rovio keeps up with these loveable cartoon characters. It might take some persuading to get fans to visit the Rovio website each week in order to watch the newest Angry Birds cartoon.

In fact, most people probably won’t bother with these weekly installments unless they are particularly great. So, that shift’s Rovio’s audience entirely to kids who will take the time to visit the Rovio site just to see what the birds and pigs have been up to weekly. Somehow, Rovio has managed to hang onto the Angry Birds empire, though it’s been largely luck.

More Details Coming Soon!

The official launch date for Angry Birds Toons is March 16th, which is really only a few weeks away. If you happen to be a big Angry Birds fan, you’ll want to check out the Rovio site on that date. Or, simply stay tuned to this blog for more updates from yours truly.

Rovio is an example of a gaming company that knows how to milk a popular game for all it’s worth, and that’s not a bad thing if done properly. Rovio has never skimped on storyline or graphics, so it’s safe to say that the company will create cartoons that are both fun and interesting as well. Stay tuned for more details!