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  • Angry Birds Migrates to Select Consoles
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Oh, those angry, angry birds – what can be done with them? Now that Rovio has almost exhausted every possible Angry Birds mobile angle, the company has decided to allow the birds to migrate. Where, exactly, are those loveable birds migrating to? Why, to a console near you, of course! That’s right, the Angry Birds trilogy will soon be available on Xbox, PS3, and 3DS. This might seem like a surprising move for Rovio, since the birds are mobile birds for the most part, but it just makes sense as far as Rovio is concerned.

Rovio will be selling the Angry Birds Trilogy in December (just in time for the holidays, folks), and the company considers it a collector’s edition. Since the games are being sold as one complete set, all three games will be available on disc or 3Ds cartridge as one solid unit. While some Angry Birds fans think that this move is a bit out of the ordinary, others can’t wait to see what Rovio will pack into the console edition of the Angry Birds Trilogy.

Inside the New Angry Birds Trilogy

If you’re thinking that the new trilogy will be just like the old Angry Birds mobile games you know, think again. Rovio knows that you want more with your trilogy, and these birds have a whole new look. You can expect to find greatly animated backgrounds, additional levels that can’t be achieved through the mobile games, lighting options, and lots more fun effects and features that you’ll have a hard time ignoring.

Whether or not the Angry Birds Trilogy will be just as popular as those mobile offerings has yet to be seen. What can be derived is that Rovio is starting to see the appeal of consoles, and maybe console gamers will, in turn, see the appeal of playing Angry Birds on a device other than a mobile phone or tablet. Then again, the console market is slowly fading out, it seems, so Rovio might not be taking a good bet – of course, it pays to remember that the Angry Birds Trilogy will come out in December for the holiday season, so Rovio is bound to sell a few of these birds, at least!

Other News From Rovio

You might have heard quite a while ago that Rovio was putting out a new game called Amazing Alex (sorry, folks, this one has nothing to do with birds!). Ever since this announcement originally came out, though, not much has been said about the new game. Now, however, Rovio has announced that Amazing Alex will finally hit markets today, so you can check out what Amazing Alex is all about. Keep in mind though that Rovio spent quite awhile putting out video games before Angry Birds became a smash hit, so Amazing Alex might or might not be as big as Angry Birds.

As you can see, a lot is happening in Rovio’s world lately. From an all new console Angry Birds trilogy to a brand new game that completely ventures away from the Angry Birds model, Rovio is really putting it out there. Will you buy the Angry Birds Trilogy? Let me know what you think of Rovio’s latest idea!