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  • Play Angry Birds for Free on Your Chromebook
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This just in: you can now play the hit avian-flinging touch game on your desktop or laptop computer, thanks to the Chrome Store. Angry Birds, the game made famous by zealous iPhone, iPad and Android users, is now available for anyone running the Google Chrome web browser. The move was likely intended to add buzz for the new Chromebooks, which were recently announced by Google and its cohorts, but thanks to the cross-platform support for Google Chrome, Angry Birds is available to Mac OS X, Windows and Linux users alike.

What’s different about Angry Birds for Chrome? Not much. There are some additional Chrome exclusive levels, however. You can also choose between an SD and HD version, depending on the processing power of your machine. If you zoom out (on the browser), you should see some improvement in gameplay. The game isn’t quite as fun without the tactile touchscreen experience, but the physics, humor and addictiveness are still intact, even for mouse users. The game is available in English only, but that really shouldn’t hinder the gameplay at all. There’s no dialogue and all the “instructions” for the different birds are conveyed in user-friendly graphic tutorials.

To get it, fire up your Chrome browser and point it towards the {{https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/aknpkdffaafgjchaibgeefbgmgeghloj?hl=en-US|Angry Birds app}} on the Google Chrome web store. Install it and it’ll be available on your New Tab window. For now, Angry Birds is free, though there has been some talk about the game being converted to a premium app once the kinks are worked out of the beta. So grab it while it’s hot!

To get you more in the mood for blasting piggies with your canaries of rage, here are some Angry Birds cheats, tips, tricks and easter eggs:

Did you know that the red bird has a voice? You probably already knew that clicking (or tapping) while a bird is in-flight unlocks their special ability, be it scattering into three birds or laying an explosive egg. The red bird, as you know, is plain jane in terms of his destructive power. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t react to clicking or tapping when he’s mid-air. Touch or click the screen after you launch your red bird and hear him sing.

Most of the achievements you’ll stumble upon normally. But did you know about these ones?:

Backward Compatibility- Shoot ten birds in the opposite direction of the playing field.
Block Smasher - Smash 50,000 blocks.
Icepicker - Awarded for smashing 5,000 ice blocks.
Stonecutter- Received for smashing 5,000 stone blocks
Smash maniac - Smash 500,000 blocks for this one!
Woodpecker - You guessed it: smash 5,000 wood blocks.

You can also get the following hidden golden eggs:
In the level select screen, try clicking on the sun.
Watch the credits all the way through and then click on the egg at the end.
When you’re in a level, go to the help screen and click the egg.
On level 11-15, you can see a hidden eggif you zoom out all the way. Fire a boomerang bird backwards to get it.

Okay, that should be enough to get you started. Share your own tips and Angry Birds secrets in the comments.