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One of the few ways to gather reliable information is to conduct extensive research. Research can be performed by using a site like Google, but bookmarking numerous pages isn't the best way to remain organized. A new research tool called Annotary makes this process easier by going back to the old school.

Remember when research was done in a library with actual books? Do you recall writing down notes and highlighting things that you wanted to remember? Well, that's the basic principle behind Annotary. Only, this tool works with websites and site content that you want to remember.

Using Annotary

You can think of the Annotary tool like a digital highlighter. When you download this tool to your toolbar, you will be able to highlight any section of website text that you like. Here's how Annotary works. First, you have to sign up for an Annotary account. Then, you will be asked to download the Annotary tool to your toolbar. Once that's done, you will see a small Annotary icon in your toolbar.

The next time you visit a site containing information that you wan to retain, click the Annotary icon. From there, you will be abel to highlight a section of webpage text. Once you're done highlighting, that section will be saved to your Annotary file.

You can then add any additional notes that you want to add (or reminders). From that moment on, anything that you've highlighted and added to Annotary will stay in your Annotary account. Clicking on the Annotary tool will pull up saved account information. The whole thing is simple to use, but serves a great purpose.

Searching For Research No More!

As a writer, I bookmark a lot of different websites on a regular basis. When writing an article and referencing bookmarked information, sometimes it's tough to find the particular passage I read at one point. With Annotary, I can simply go back to my Annotary tab, pull up the highlighted portions I want to use, and continue putting my research together.

While you can still bookmark pages, Annotary lets you annotate sections of a text that are particularly important. This is the next best thing in the research world, and it's a great way to keep tabs on what's important to your research. So, whether you're writing a book report for school or an article like this one, Annotary lets you find the things that you need quickly -- without combing through a number of different bookmarked pages.

Annotary Pricing

If you are an individual researcher, you can use Annotary for free. If you want to work on a group project, different pricing packages are available (and collaboration is easy with this tool). Annotary offers reasonable pricing. It's also important to point out that no bugs or other troubles were associated with the Annotary toolbar download.

The Annotary tool downloads seamlessly and quickly without causing any kind of system slowdown. If you look at a lot of websites, bookmark a lot of pages, and need a better way to keep track of important sentences, Annotary is worth a download.