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  • The aPen A5 Smart Pen
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Every once in awhile, a device comes along that’s as useful as it is intelligent. Today, that product is the aPen A5 Smart Pen. Albeit, this is a bad name for a pen that can do so much, so we’ll just call it the A5 from now on. This pen isn’t like your average ballpoint. Instead, the A5 was meant to be used with your iPad or iPhone. If you don’t have an iPad or iPhone, you won’t find this pen useful.

If you do have an iPad, you might want to consider purchasing this pen when it becomes available. What can the A5 do that’s so important? Basically, the A5 makes it possible to write directly on your iPad without using your fingertips. That’s right, no more marked and greasy screen – just pure pen fun, quick strokes, and much better penmanship (ok, the A5 may not help with that last part, but it’s still a pen worth of note).

The A5 Makes Writing Easier

The A5 is a stylus and also has a receiver, so that you can hook up this pen to your iPad or iPhone with ease. Once connected through a number of interesting apps, you can draw, write, text, send emails, and do anything else that you want to do without a lot of headache. Imagine the possibilities! You can create all kinds of drawings using a sharp and accurate pen. You can also send letters and emails without typing on a small touchpad or trying to write things out with your fingertips.

Essentially, the A5 makes writing anything at all easier. If you find that your consistently frustrated with trying to type on your iPhone or draw on your iPad, the A5 is the pen for you. Sure, there are other pens like this one on the market, but the A5 is the most advanced iPad and iPhone pen that this reviewer has seen to date. There are bound to be a number of pens attempting to copy the A5 in stores soon, but this is the one that you want to hold out for.

Cost and Availability

Right now, reliable rumors state that this pen will run the average iPad or iPhone user around $99. This isn’t a bad price to pay for a gadget that will make your life a lot easier. In fact, many other iPhone and iPad accessories are much more expensive than this one. If you like the way that the A5 sounds, you’ll want to consider purchasing this pen, but when will the A5 hit store shelves?

The company that makes the A5, eFun, has stated that the A5 will be available sometime in 2012. I know that this is a broad statement, but it’s the best that eFun can give right now. It’s safe to assume that the A5 is not quite ready to roll out, or this pen would have been available for the holiday season.

This reviewer is thinking that the A5 will be worth the wait once it does appear on store shelves, though you may not find this pen at your average large electronics store. Instead, look for the A5 at niche stores and stores that sell lots of Apple accessories.