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  • Apple's New iPhone Case
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One of the most irritating things about the iPhone is that it just doesn’t hold a battery charge very long or very well. Apple is trying to fix that problem with the release of a new ‘25-hour’ battery case.

The company claims that this case will solve all of your bad battery problems. Here’s a closer look at the case, the price, and whether or not it’s worth your money.

The New Apple Case

Let’s talk about price first, since that’s always the number one thing when it comes to (usually expensive) Apple products. If you want the new case that is supposed to extend the life of your iPhone 6 or 6S, the price is $99. With that rather pricey case, you will get an additional 18 hours of Internet usage. If you are mostly looking to play videos, that battery life extension is supposed to reach 20 hours, and if you just like to talk you’re looking at an extra 25 hours.

Interestingly, Apple didn’t make a big announcement about the new case. The case simply showed up in the Apple Store, and people started to talk about it. Seemingly, Apple didn’t think that the case was anything to make a fuss about, but that’s not the way things are shaping up. Most iPhone users will jump at the chance to find a way to make an iPhone last longer - maybe

Apple needs to focus on its core users a bit more, or maybe the company wanted a silent rollout that would eventually turn into a big deal? Either way, the new case is here and ready for purchase through the Apple store.

Worth the Price?

But $99 is a lot to pay for a case - sure, you might pay that for some third party cases like an Otterbox, but there are already cases out there that claim to extend the life of an iPhone. So why should you go with this one, and should you even go with this one at all? Is it worth nearly one-hundred dollars?

The design of the case is slightly bulky (it might not slip well into your pocket thanks to a bump on the back of the case). This case also comes with a 1,877mAh battery pack, which is a nice effort but actually doesn’t compare to third party cases already out there. However, Apple is also claiming that this case is a ‘Smart’ case, and that it can work better with your iPhone. How true is that statement?

A Smart Case

The Apple case comes with extra antennas that are supposed to boost cellular performance. This case also makes it possible to simply swipe down on your phone to see how much juice is left in the case, which is a useful feature. This case also comes with a lightning port, so you don’t have to carry anything extra around. Lastly, the new case can be shut off if you don’t want to charge your battery.

So all of these things tend to blow the competitors out of the water - but you may not get a better charge, per se.

If you want to get someone that has an iPhone 6 or 6S a great holiday gift, the new case from Apple might be the way to go. This case has a lot of what makes Apple great (aside from the rather bulky design), and it will extend the life of your iPhone. If you have an older iPhone, you’re out of luck - sorry!