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  • OPSWAT's AppRemover Gets Rid of Those Old Antivirus Programs
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Antivirus programs can be helpful. But, these programs can also be a real hassle. Getting rid of an older antivirus program is downright difficult. These programs tend to leave traces and bits all over your system, and some stubborn programs won’t even budge. That’s where OPSWAT’s AppRemover comes into play. This powerful program will devoid your current system of all older antivirus program remnants. Not only does AppRemover claim to eradicate every bit of an older program, it actually works.

Installing a new antivirus program is hard to do when an older program still exists. All kinds of interference issues will pop up if you attempt to install a new program when an older program is still lurking around. AppRemover comes with a few great options and plenty of excellent features.

Installing AppRemover

When launching AppRemover, you will be given the option of sweeping your system for any antivirus remnants or directing the program to clean up failed uninstalls. When sweeping a system, AppRemover will provide a list of all the current antivirus programs installed on a computer. If any debris remains from older programs, AppRemover will provide you with a list of these bits too. Once you have been given a list, you can then determine which programs you want to delete. The interface is simple and getting rid of unwanted programs couldn’t be easier.

The only drawback to AppRemover is that this program doesn’t come with a Help file, but you can find lots of answers to questions on the developer’s website. When tested, AppRemover uninstalls and installs without any unwanted icons or folders, and it’s really simple to use the program in every instance. AppRemover has been developed for users of all types, so don’t be turned off of this program if you have never used this type of tool before. AppRemover is also free for all to use, which just makes this program even more appealing.

Who Can Use AppRemover

While this program has been developed for users of all types, systems IT professionals and software experts will probably gain the most from AppRemover. Most average users don’t install too many antivirus programs on any given system, so removing a bunch of debris is not always necessary. On the other hand, IT professionals do install and remove antivirus suites regularly, so this tool will really help where these professionals are concerned.

However, if you think that your PC is infected with a bunch of older antivirus programs (or even bits of programs), installing AppRemover is a harmless and fast way to find out what you need to get rid of. Considering the fact that AppRemover also provides a detailed list of those remnants that currently exist, it’s really easy to get rid of anything you no longer want. AppRemover can be found on the manufacturer’s website or through sites like CNet that offer free downloads. If you’re having a problem installing a new antivirus program or if that old program just keeps popping up (in the form of unwanted ads or other problems), one of the best solutions available is AppRemover.