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Android and iPhone users tend to visit their respective app stores in order to download and find apps. Those who don’t have Android phone or iPhones, on the other hand, are often out of luck when it comes to downloading a certain app. This is also a familiar truth for people who want an Android app that’s not available through the iPhone or vice versa. When this happens, there’s very little that can be done – some apps simply aren’t made for all types of smartphones.

Until now, that is – now you can have any app you want on any platform. How? All you have to do is use Appitalism. Appitalism is a service that makes side downloading any app you’re looking for a cinch. This service doesn’t come without a price, but that price is truly minimal, and you’ll gain spending points when you connect to Appitalism. Here’s how it all goes down.

Understanding Appitalism
To start using Appitalism, head to http://ca.appitalism.com/, and choose the app that you want to download (you’ll see both free and paid apps). You can then select the platform that you want to download an app to. The idea here is that you can download an app that doesn’t exist in your app store, but that’s not exactly what I found while testing this site. Let’s take the popular app Instagram.
Instagram is only available for iPhone users.

By definition, Appitalism is supposed to allow Android users (and other platform users) to download Instagram. However, when you head to the Instagram download section, it is only available for iPhone users – kind of silly, since any iPhone user can already download Instagram without the help of Appitalism. In any case, you can download a number of other apps for various platforms including the popular Angry Birds game.

A Great Idea – Bad Website

As most people are, I’m wary when it comes to websites. The sites I trust are sites that look and feel like regular, trust-worthy, websites. If a site doesn’t look that great, it’s hard for me to take a company seriously. After all, if a company can’t be bothered to spend a decent amount on a good website, how great can that company be? So, I found it kind of a put off when I went to the Appitalism website, and found an interface that is sloppy and suspicious looking.

Bad website aside, the idea behind Appitalism is a good one. There are lots of times that I wish I could share iPhone apps with people I know who don’t have an iPhone. As such, the reasoning behind Appitalism is intelligent, but the service itself needs some work. Namely, it would be nice if all apps were available across all platforms, but this is a hard task to accomplish (to be fair).

Availability and Usage

You can head to the Appitalism site right now to begin using this service (website linked above). You will have to pay to download certain apps (prices are included), and as much as the site doesn’t seem trustworthy, it actually is. If you’re looking for an app that isn’t available through your app store, Appitalism might be a good service for you. Then again, it might be awhile before this service is up to par from every angle.