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  • What Apple Might Announce Today
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It’s that time again! Apple is set to make a huge announcement today, and in true Apple fashion nobody really knows what the company will announce quite yet.

However, there are some speculations, so if you’re an Apple fan here’s what you might see and hear about later today after Apple makes its big splash.

First the Phones

Apple announcements that don’t include some kind of phone update rarely exist, so you can expect a new iPhone announcement to pop up during today’s show as well. What’s on the horizon for the iPhone lineup? A new 6S and 6S Plus are sure to be part of the excitement. In addition, you may hear about some newer updates to older phones, and possibly some future updates that Apple will be making sometime in the next few months or year.

While the iPhone updates are usually the most exciting thing about an Apple announcement, that might not be the case this year. All eyes are on Apple’s upcoming show, but possibly for a different reason. What else might the company be planning? A new Apple TV might just happen this year too.

Apple TV Update

There are some pretty reliable and strong rumours that indicate that Apple will be announcing a new Apple TV this year. Many expect this Apple TV to be Siri controlled, which would make using the TV so much simpler. How would Apple make an Apple TV that’s controlled by Siri? The remote that goes with the TV would be the Siri part, and users would simply have to speak to the remote to find channels and choose movies - how much easier would that be?

Not only is the prospect of a new Siri controlled Apple TV exciting, it’s also one way that Apple might be knocking down the competition when it comes to finding a space on your living room shelf. If Apple does, in fact, introduce a Siri controlled Apple TV, the company would knock down the competition (or at least give it a good run) where gaming consoles are considered too. So, you can certainly look forward to some kind of Apple TV announcement today too.

Lastly, an iPad Pro

Apple hasn’t really touched the iPad too much since it came out, but today might be the day that you will see something new in the iPad world. There’s a good chance that Apple will be announcing a new iPad called the iPad Pro. Some sources note that the iPad Pro will likely come with a keyboard and a Force Touch Stylus, which would be new for Apple.

The Details

When will Apple make its big announcement today, and what will really be introduced? The reality is that we could see anything from Apple today, but the products mentioned above are likely. As far as the time goes, Apple is set to debut all new things today at noon. Stay tuned for more information and for details about the products that Apple does announcement when the time comes.