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  • Is a 3D iOS Camera In the Works?
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When it comes to Apple, rumors always abound. Some of these rumors turn out to be true and some turn out to be, well, just rumors. The latest rumor fresh off the Apple press has to do with the future of the current iPhone camera. This rumor has it that Apple is working on a 3D camera that will be added to the next iPhone. The rumor was originally generated when one blog discovered that Apple (allegedly) has filed for some 3D photography patents.

If Apple is truly working on a 3D camera for the next iPhone, this move wouldn’t surprise a lot of Apple supporters or competitors. Even though the 3D TV phase has largely come to a halt (thankfully), 3D hasn’t hit smartphones just yet. In fact, there are a lot of rumors going around about various smartphone companies that are working on the very same thing Apple is rumored to be working on. But, the question is: will a phone that has a 3D camera be a phone that’s in-demand?

A Good Idea or Just Novelty?

One has to wonder if adding a 3D camera to the upcoming iPhone is a good idea or not. This camera would, presumably, shoot video in 3D as well as capture 3D photos, but this might not appease some Instagram-happy folks or others who just want to take excellent photos. Maybe 3D isn’t the route that Apple should be going in. Perhaps the company should be looking at other ways to make the new upcoming iPhone snap. Some might even say that going the 3D route is somewhat desperate. Then again, Apple’s new inventions are always done perfectly and above and beyond what other companies are doing.

So, if Apple has truly filed for some 3D phone patents, there’s a good possibility that Apple developers are working on something better than the standard 3D camera/video combo. Simply noting that Apple has filed patents doesn’t mean that the company is headed in the direction everyone seems to think. It’s also important to point out that this is, in fact, just a rumor and Apple might not be going the 3D route at all. If this rumor is true, might Apple be looking to create a new iPhone that really blows consumer minds? When would this new iPhone arrive?

At the Patent Stage

Filing for a patent might mean that Apple has created a specific technology that the company is almost ready to showcase. Then again, a patent can often just mean that a company has a specific idea that they don’t want any other company stealing. Given Apple’s track record when it comes to patent disputes, it’s best for the company to file for patents ahead of time – even if those patents are never used. The fact of the matter is that some patents are never used, and even though filing for a patent is expensive, Apple certainly has the funds to throw around.

So, there you have it, folks, the latest rumor from the Apple mill. Is the 3D phone rumor true? Will the new iPhone have a 3D-capable camera and video camera? Did Apple really file for patents of this type? The truth has yet to be announced by Apple though it’s an interesting idea all the same.