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  • What Apple’s Acquisition of Chomp Means
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Today, Apple announced that the company has acquired Chomp. In case you aren’t familiar with Chomp, this site provides users with categorized Android, iPhone, and iPad apps (more on this below). Apple has purchased the company for two very obvious reasons: the first reason is that Chomp offers users a fast and efficient way to search for any kind of app quickly (and with handy thumbnail photos), and the second reason is that Chomp is run by some very clever people.

The acquisition was well received by iPhone users across the world that have become frustrated with attempting to search for an app using Apple’s App Store. The integration of Chomp will make finding an app through the App Store a whole lot easier, and this is excellent news to all iPhone fans (and, of course, to Apple).

An Awkward Android Moment

As mentioned above, Chomp currently allows both Android and iPhone users to search for apps by genre (and other details). Of course, the Android bit of this equation will have to end once things get rolling between Apple and Chomp. So, if you have an Android phone and the Marketplace isn’t working out for you, now’s the time to use Chomp to your full advantage – in just a few days (weeks?), Chomp for Android will exist no more.

What Chomp Means to iPhone Users

It is estimated that there are currently over 500,000 iPhone apps. That’s right, 500,000! With all of those apps, it’s nearly impossible to find the kind of app that you’re searching for. In fact, most people don’t even know that certain apps exist until those apps make tech blogs or other news sources. While the details about the new Chomp App Store setup are scarce at the moment, you can bet that finding an app in the App Store will be a heck of a lot simpler from now on (great news for iPhone users!).

Not only is the acquisition of Chomp a great thing for iPhone fans, but it’s also excellent news for iPhone app developers. Just think of all those Apple approved apps that nobody has discovered yet. With Chomp, every kind of app from small to large will have a chance at some glory – this also means that iPhone app developers will have to ramp it up a notch, but Apple is already picky about which apps are allowed inside of the Apple App Store.

When Does It All Go Down?

Apple has already purchased Chomp, that deal is final, but when will iPhone users see the new Chomp system integrated into the Apple App Store? No specific details have been released yet, but rumor has it that Chomp is already working hard with Apple to come up with a great app search system. So, iPhone users, you can look forward to actually being able to sift through all of those apps with ease in the near future thanks to the brilliance that is the team behind Chomp – excited yet? I certainly am!