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  • Apple Plans to Push Beats Music to iOS Users
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Apple is going head to head with popular streaming service Spotify by pushing its Beats app to all iOS users in 2015. Beats Music will be part of the new iOS in 2015, and users will also be able to pay for Beats subscriptions through ApplePay. The music service will be pushed to every iPad and iPhone in 2015 in order to get more people to try out the service.

Early in 2014, Apple purchased Beats Music for around $2 billion in order to compete with popular streaming service Spotify. Pushing the Beats Music app to all iOS users in 2015 will put the music service front and center with iOS users. While Beats Music will be pushed to all iOS users in 2015, it is likely that Beats will be rebranded in order to fit the iTunes brand.

A Possible Win for Apple

iTunes sales have been rapidly declining, which is why Apple purchased Beats back in 2014. The company hopes that by pushing the service to million of iOS users, Beats will help the declining iTunes sales. Not only will Apple be including Beats Music into the new iOS, but the company is rumored to be working on some serious deals with record labels.

Some of the licensing deals that Apple is reportedly working on will give Spotify a good run for its money. Apple and Spotify may be in some serious price wars sometime in the new future. But, will Apple be able to overturn Spotify? Spotify’s service is popular and keeps increasing with popularity. Apple clearly hopes to compete with Spotify by setting up a music streaming service that is priced just right and includes easy payment and access, though Apple will have to keep prices low enough for people to consider a switch from Spotify.

Possible Pricing Details

Right now, Spotify offers its premium service at $10 per month. Rumor has it that Apple will be offering Beats Music subscriptions for just $5 per month. So, more people might just sign up for Apple’s new Beats offering, even if it is rebranded under the iTunes label. Spotify hasn’t been popular with artists lately either. The company has been in some fairly publicized rows with various artists, and this is the kind of thing that Apple is hoping to avoid.

Not only will Apple get more artists to sign up with Beats Music if the arguments can be sidestepped, but people are more likely to get behind a brand that makes nice with musicians (this might be the reason why some musicians are pulling out of Spotify, in fact). There are some possible problems with Apple’s plan to push Beats Music to users, though.

Another U2 Issue

When Apple pushed U2 to iOS users not long ago, the company was criticized for doing so. People don’t like to have something forced on them, and that’s what Apple did when U2’s new album suddenly showed up in iTunes lists.

Taking a gamble on pushing Beats Music to users is risky, but it seems like a risk Apple is willing to take - after all, the company spent billions on Beats, and that investment has to pay off somehow.