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  • Apple Buys Cue
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Apple has just purchased a personal assistant app. No, not Siri. Let me explain (better). Apple has just purchased a company called 'Cue.' The purchasing price is rumored to be in the millions, but what's more interesting is what Cue does.

Why Apple Wanted Cue

Apple never reports on these smaller acquisitions, though the company does buy companies the size of Cue regularly. Cue's main purpose is to gather all agenda information, so that the app can present users with what is happening daily.

If you have upgraded to iOS 7, you know that this version of iOS comes with something called 'Today.' The 'Today' screen features everything that you have happening today - hence the name. Sounds good, right? Well, Today might be getting a facelift with Cue. Cue built its company around gathering information and presenting those details to users, and that might be why Apple wants the company.

Hard to Tell For Now

Apple always responds with the same nonchalant answer about any recent company purchase. Apple purchases companies regularly, but it is know thus far that Cue won't be shuttering its doors for good. The startup posted a small notice on its website yesterday stating that the company was going to be shut down for some time, but that's just so that Apple can get things moving with the new purchase.

Cue's team will actually stay where it is, and Apple will just be taking advantage of Cue's technology for the time being. That means that the Cue team will stay as it is, and that Apple won't be dismantling the team, which is always a good thing. So, is this huge Apple news? Not right now, but it is part of Apple's bigger plan.

The Acquisition Game

Apple buys up companies often, so that the strong points of those technologies can be used to further build upon some Apple products. This is how a company like Apple innovates, and it's one way to do things. If you think about it, buying up a company like Cue to help you further something you're already thinking about is a great way to gain an edge, right?

That's what Apple does. So even though we don't know much about this purchase, we do know that Cue has been bought, that the team will stay as is, and that Apple will likely be updating the 'Today' iOS 7 feature in the near future. All good things! What else is Apple up to? The company is fixing that iOS 7 tablet bug, and also working to make sure that the new OS update is smoother.

What do you think about Apple's latest purchase? Is Cue worth millions, or is this another waste of money (don't forget, companies like Apple collect patents too!). I'd love to know what your thoughts are below, so leave me a note. You can also find us on Facebook - leave a note, and we'll get back to you! Is Cue going to change iOS 7?