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  • Apple Has New Things Coming, Cook Says
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Recently on this blog there was a post about the decline in Apple sales. Today, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has told press that there’s something Apple is working on that will drive interest in the company once again.

Apple’s Newest Designs

So what is Apple working on that’s supposed to be so mind blowing? In usual Apple style, Cook didn’t say what the new pull would be. What he did say is that it’s going to be something that makes people say, “how did I live without this?” Those are some big words coming from a company that really hasn’t innovated anything in the past few months. Cook did say that what the company has in the pipeline will be an iPhone.

If we speculate about the new iPhone it’s tough to come up with many things that might really happen. I’m imagining a phone that’s smaller than the 6 Plus, and it may also have fingerprint technology like the tech that LG just came out with. LG created a phone that doesn’t require a dedicated fingerprint button - fingerprint scanning happens through the glass screen.

What Apple Says

Cook refuses to let the public know what Apple is working on, but he has stated the the company is still in its learning and development stages. If you look at tech as a whole you could argue that all companies are in learning and development stages at all times, but if you try to compare Apple to a new tech startup that logic simply isn’t there.

What consumers want from Apple is a reason to justify spending thousands of dollar on new devices. Apple’s watch fell short, iPads haven’t really changed in a while, and the iPhone needs updating. Consumers might not be looking for phones that are large anymore either, which is why Apple is really testing out the market with a smaller iPhone option right now. But a smaller iPhone might not be enough either.

Is a Rebrand Needed?

iPhones in general might not be the way for Apple to go when it comes to new innovations. Maybe even the term ‘iPhone’ needs to go. Right now, consumers associate the iPhone with phones of the past and the current stalemate that Apple is going through. If the company really wants to invent something truly new and unique, the right thing to do might be to rebrand phones and tablets completely.

After all, the “iPhone” name was largely Steve Jobs’s idea so maybe it is time for change. Cook didn’t hint at any of those major changes at the time being, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where Apple is headed. Right now, press is calling the newest phone from Apple the iPhone 7 but that might not be the case at all.

Details Details

Apple usually unveils products and ideas in the fall, so that’s when you can expect to hear more about the new products that Apple has in the pipeline. The company might reveal some more statements before that time as well.