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  • Apple To Add Face Recognition
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There are a lot of rumors surrounding the new iPhone 5 launch. Of course, Apple is keeping its truths under wraps until the phone has gone public, but some of these rumors are backed by strong sources. One such rumor is that Apple plans to incorporate face recognition technology into its latest iPhone launch.

This rumor is based upon the fact that Apple purchased Swedish face recognition firm Polar Rose sometime in 2010. Apple spent a great deal of money on Polar Rose, and has since then been working with face recognition technology with the goal of perfection. Many believe that Apple is waiting until the face recognition advancement is complete before launching the new iPhone 5.

The Scoop on Face Recognition

So, why is face recognition technology such a big deal? Other than the fact that this advancement is something straight out of the pages of a sci-fi novel, face recognition is just plain cool. For those who are unfamiliar with this concept, face recognition technology allows a device (such as a smartphone) to recognize someone’s face.

For example, the new iPhone 5 may be able to identify a person in a photo using face recognition. Doing so would enable the phone to tag a person for use with social networks. It may even be possible for devices to allow users to log into systems simply by staring at a phone. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this innovate technology.

Additional Rumors

There are also some rumors circulating that Apple intends to make voice to text communication better – scratch that, “unparalleled” is a better word. This type of communication would allow an iPhone to read SMS messages to drivers, communicate driving directions efficiently, and creating an unimaginable “hands-free” atmosphere.

If true, these latest additions to the iPhone 5 would knock Android competition out of the water. Presumably, this is exactly what Apple plans to do. So, what about those users who have an iPhone 4 or an iPad?

Upgrading Options

Apple introduces new devices all the time. That’s one of the reasons why Apple products are so popular. Yet, Apple doesn’t always want to cash in on the latest development. Instead of making older smartphones and iPads obsolete, Apple usually finds a way to make all devices equal to (or at least compatible with) new devices.

It may be necessary to upgrade to an iPhone 5 if you want all of the things mentioned in this article. Then again, Apple may find a way to grant new technologies to older devices. This would be the best option, since many consumers just purchased their first Apple devices, and being forced to fork over hundreds of extra dollars in order to become current would be disappointing to many.

So, who is Apple targeting this time around? It seems as though Apple wants to aim for all kinds of users. In the past, the iPhone was largely known as a social or casual tool, while Blackberry captured the business crowd. Now that Research In Motion isn’t moving forward, Apple may be aiming for business people as well as casual iPhone users. For now, the world waits as Apple prepares to launch the most anticipated smartphone of the year: the iPhone 5.