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  • Apple and Facebook Officially Team Up
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For some time now, there’s been talk that Apple might team up with Facebook by including additional Facebook integration in the new iOS 6. Up until this point, the partnership between Apple and Facebook was little more than a rumor. Now, however, Apple has announced that that Facebook will, indeed, be a large part of the new iOS. This has some people wondering what the future of Apple and Facebook will look like. There’s a strong possibility that both Apple and Facebook may lose some fans over the new integration, but avid Facebook users might find this integration very helpful as well.

What About Other Social Networks?

If you’re worried that Apple might do away with Twitter integration, don’t be. Apple reps have announced that Twitter will still be integrated into the new iOS, but Facebook will be more of a focal point. In many ways, this decision could backfire in Apple’s face. If, for example, Facebook becomes a passing fad and people begin to lose interest in the network, Apple might find that many of its consumers are no longer interested in an Apple product (or products) that are focused on Facebook.

The Apple and Facebook partnership is also something that many wonder whether Steve Jobs would have approved of. It seems as though Apple’s decision to hitch its star to the popular Facebook wagon might be a bad one. However, only time will tell and the new iOS is not on the market quite yet, so things could change either way.

How Will the New Facebook Integration Work?

In many ways, you can consider Facebook’s new Camera app a trial run. If you have the app (or have read about it on this site), you will see that as soon as you download the app, your name appears on the start screen. How does this happen? Instead of switching between Facebook sign-in pop-up screens, heavy Facebook integration means that Facebook user information will already by entered into every app that uses Facebook, so you won’t really have to sign up for anything. But, wait, isn’t that a violation of your privacy or rights or something else?

Well, Apple explains that any version of the OS past iOS 3 includes the instant ability for certain apps to share “keychain items.” This means that an app like the Facebook Camera can simply tap into your user information in order to gain your login name and other details. Presumably, with the new iOS 6 users won’t have to provide permission for Facebook or Apple to gather data – something that some iOS users might have a problem with.

Easier on Users

There’s no doubt that an iOS 6 with built-in Facebook integration will make life a lot easier for users. Gone will be the days when you have to type your Facebook login information again and again, which is certainly an easier way to operate. The only problem here, of course, is that allowing any app or OS to instantly access your information could come with some privacy concerns, but it’s a smart way to play on both Facebook’s and Apple’s part either way. The new iOS 6 should be out very soon, so make sure to keep an eye on those Facebook integration details.