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  • Apple Has Big Future Plans
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There’s no way that consumers who just purchased a new MacBook or iPhone 4S will be happy with the news I’m about to unveil, but it’s news worth noting all the same. Strong and reliable sources have stated that Apple plans to remake its entire line-up within the next year. This will include all devices that bear the Apple logo.

The iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and various other Apple devices will get facelifts. When all of these products will hit the market has yet to be seen, but there are strong suggestions that Apple is already hard at work changing the face of its devices. Is this news welcome or is Apple going too far now that Steve Jobs is no longer around? Or, was this all part of Jobs’ plan? These questions are important to Apple fans (and investors) everywhere.

Apple’s Upgrades

Apple didn’t name the iPhone 4S the iPhone 5. Many wondered why this renaming never took place, but now it may all be very clear. Perhaps Apple never intended to create a new iPhone. Perhaps this is why the iPhone 4S is simply an upgraded version of the current iPhone 4. The same might be said for the iPad 2. The iPad 2 did get an upgrade, but it wasn’t the iPad 3 upgrade that most people were expecting.

Why have these Apple devices gone through upgrades but never been entirely reworked? The answer might simply be that Apple isn’t ready to introduce a new line-up of devices. If the rumours reported above hold any truth, Apple will be release entirely new devices next year. Of course, this is bad news for anyone who just bought an iPhone 4S, and it’s nervous news for investors.

The Investing Angle

Any tech investor knows, or should know, that investing in technology means expecting the unexpected. When Steve Jobs died, Apple investors got nervous. Would Apple continue to innovate and rule the device world? Did Apple’s ability to create new in-demand products die with Jobs? Now that rumours about a complete Apple makeover are circulating, some investors are wondering whether or not it’s time to jump ship.

Sure, Apple’s new line-up could include mind-blowing devices, but, at the same time, a new line of devices from Apple without the careful and watchful eye of Steve Jobs could spell disaster. For many investors, it’s time to sell those Apple stocks. Others, who don’t believe that Jobs was the only one who can lead Apple may want to start buying up those stocks. Apple has been on the lower end of the stock scale before, but those who rode Apple stock to the top may not want to take any changes this time around.

New Device Availability

Since the information about Apple revamping all devices is based on rumours alone, its’ tough to tell when these devices will hit the market. It can be speculated, however, that Apple won’t be releasing any more devices prior to the holiday season. In short, you can expect news from Apple beginning in February of 2012 or thereafter.