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  • Is Apple Making a Game Controller?
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A bit of strange news has surfaced. Originally brought to light by the PocketGamer website, this report claims that Apple is working on a gaming controller. Supposedly, Apple has been meeting with gaming developers in secret during the Game Developer's Conference in San Diego.

Rumor has it that Apple will be releasing a gaming controller soon, though what the controller might look like or what it might do has yet to be mentioned. What is known is that Apple seems to be looking into tapping the gaming market, and this does make some good sense.

Upcoming In April

This coming April, Apple will hold an iPad-specific event. During this event, the new controller could be unveiled. Why this speculation? Apple's OS X seems an unlikely place for a gaming controller or any kind of console (though a console has not yet been mentioned), but this doesn't seem so unlikely when you consider iOS games.

There are a number of popular iPhone and iPad games, right? So, why not create a controller to go along with one of those devices? This is all speculation, though. Apple might be developing a controller that's completely separate from the iPad or iPhone. Right now, it's anyone's guess. Then again, all patents point towards truth.

The Patent Game

Apple has been developing a number of gaming patents over the past four to five years. Patents take a long time to process, and developing patent technology takes even longer. The patents that Apple has been working on are directly related to some kind of gaming device. It's hard to tell much from a simple patent plan, but it definitely looks like a gaming controller has been in the works for some time now.

Inside Apple correspondents have also confirmed that the company is, indeed, working on a controller. What these informants aren't revealing is when this controller will hit markets, or if this will ever really happen. For now, the prospect of an Apple gaming controller is an exciting one, especially since so many new gaming consoles and controllers have been surfacing lately.

Apple Has Some Competition

Not only will Apple have to compete with the big gaming dogs like Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, but the Cupertino company will also have to go up against companies like Ouya. Small startups like {{http://the-ouya-console.reviews.r-tt.com/|Ouya}} have been gaining a decent consumer backing, and will likely corner the gaming market soon enough (or at least provide some stiff competition).

Then again, Apple is Apple, and nobody does devices quite like Apple does. Still, gaming seems like a slight reach for the company. But, I supposed, it's no more of a reach for Apple to work on a gaming controller than it is for Google to create a same-day product {{http://google-delivery-service.articles.r-tt.com/|delivery}} service.

Are the world's two favourite brands branching out? Will you see an Apple gaming controller show up soon? All eyes will be on the upcoming iPad conference for more details about the mysterious Apple controller. For now, we will have to sit back and wonder what this new device might look like!