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  • Apple's iBeacon Technology
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So much Apple news, and so little time! Okay, we have the time, but, really Apple? More news? Today, Apple has unveiled a new Apple TV feature that uses iBeacon technology. You may have heard of iBeacon already because it's one of the newest iOS7 features. If not, here's a breakdown of how iBeacon works (and how iBeacon will work with your Apple TV).

All About iBeacon

iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) to create a beacon in various physical places. Here's a better example: if you walk into a coffee shop that's laced with tiny beacons, your iOS7 device will be detected by those beacons. From there, a coffee shop owner can send you personalized coupons, suggestions, and other bits of information directly to your iPhone. Sounds pretty great, right?

Well, this all gets better with iOS7 and Apple TV. Now, those that have an iOS7 device can simply tap that device against an Apple TV, and the setup process can move forward from that point - no more setting up each step by scrolling or by any other means. All you have to do now is tap and go. That's a time saver, right?

How It All Works

iOS7 devices and Apple TVs are automatically paired through Bluetooth. This is just the first step for Apple's new iBeacon technology too. Some startups are currently working on perfecting the technology, so you'll certainly see a lot more Bluetooth pairing in this way in the very near future.

The Apple TV and iOS7 pairing is just the first iBeacon connection to surface, though plenty more are on the way. In order to connect your Apple TV to your iOS7 device, you will have to update your Apple TV to the latest software. Just a few days ago, we wrote an article about the Apple TV update now working properly, but Apple has since fixed this glitch. It should also be pointed out that the new tech only works with the latest Apple TV, so you're out of luck if you have an older version.

More Connections Coming

Apple has announced that iBeacn technology will be coming to more iOS devices later this year. Soon, you might be able to set up any iOS device by tapping your phone or tablet against that device - wouldn't that be nice? iBeacon was silently rolled out amidst all the other iOS7 noise earlier this year, but it might just be one of the most important new technologies to come from Apple.

One word of advice: be careful when placing your iPhone against your Apple TV. If you have an older iPhone 4 device, you may find yourself with a cracked screen. If Apple could create the same technology from a distance (without the need to touch), that would be even better, wouldn't it? Stay tuned for more iBeacon tech updates coming later this year - and, you can always expect more news from Apple too!

What do you think of iBeacon? Worth a look?