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  • Apple’s iCloud: Now Out of Beta
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Apple’s iCloud has been in beta for a while now. Yesterday, Apple announced that iCloud is officially out of beat. Having run smoothly during beta testing, iCloud is now ready to roll. The new iCloud.com is similar to the mobile and desktop version, though there are a few unique changes. The biggest additions to iCloud that users will see pertain to the Note and Reminders apps. These apps can synch with any iPad or iPhone. Additionally, Apple has included the popular Find My iPhone feature.

Find My iPhone Via iCloud

Apple’s Find My iPhone is a popular service. This feature allows iPhone users to track down a lost or stolen iPhone. If an iPhone is missing, the Find My iPhone feature will send a number to the missing phone. From there, Apple places the fate of that phone in the finder’s hands. The idea here is that anyone who finds a missing iPhone will call the number and return the phone. Additionally, the lost iPhone will automatically lock once it has disappeared. This makes it impossible for someone to tap into an iPhone.

The Find My iPhone feature is now available through iCloud. This is good news for iPhone users who also use iCloud. While somewhat controversial (many believe that the Find My iPhone feature is too reliant on the kindness of strangers), the Find My iPhone feature has both benefits and drawbacks. Regardless, this feature is now part of the iCloud service.

New iCloud Mail Feature

Find My iPhone is not the only iCloud feature worth noting. Apple’s iCloud will now include the Mail VIP app that can be found in iOS 6. This feature makes it possible for Mail VIP users to store mail in a separate mail folder. The feature also locks phones allowing for customized access only. The Mail VIP option will prove to be useful for those seeking to keep mail out of the wrong hands. Apple has certainly gone out of its way to add lots of extra security details to the new iCloud.

Added Security

Apple hasn’t shunned security with the iCloud either. All iCloud information will be inaccessible to anyone who doesn’t have the right password. Anyone seeking to gain iCloud user details will only see faded icons that can’t be accessed without logging into a Mountain Lion account. This added security measure makes iCloud extra enticing, since so many security breaches have occurred across the Internet lately. Already, Apple’s newly released iCloud has been a major hit.

It does pay to remember, though, that the iCloud is not fallible. As with any other cloud service, Apple’s iCloud is susceptible to outages. When an outage occurs, all iCloud information will not be accessible. In other words, make sure to back up all of your data, even if it is stored on the cloud. Apple has done everything possible to make sure that the iCloud is secure, but sometimes preventing certain blackouts is not possible. Other than this reality, Apple’s iCloud certainly looks to be more than a little promising.