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  • Apple + Target = A Match Made In…?
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Twenty-five Target Stores across the United States will soon be creating Apple-specific displays. Target hasn’t yet said how these displays will be set up, but one can assume that the same white, surreal, look that has made Apple stores so popular will soon be integrated into select Target stores as well. Apple enthusiasts aren’t responding to this news well. Some believe that combining Apple products with Target store offerings will water down the brand. Others believe that this is a good financial move for both Target and Apple.

Even though Target currently sells some Apple products (Mac computers excluded), the stores do not have dedicated Apple shelf space. Joining the ranks in the Apple-Target test stores are other small retail companies from throughout the U.S. All retailers that are taking part in Target’s test stores will have dedicated shelf and floor space, though Apple is gaining the most consumer attention. Prior to this new Target announcement, Apple has largely been a brand that’s kept Apple displays to Apple stores.

The Marketing Strategy

Most people who shop at Target aren’t necessarily looking to purchase tech. items. Occasionally, the average Target shopper will buy an iPod or other device, but Target isn’t known for its technology offerings. Both Apple and Target are hoping that by providing shoppers with more Apple products, some consumers may just pick up an Apple device or two while shopping for other goods. While a great approach to capturing consumer attention, Target isn’t the first company to come up with this strategy.

Department stores have long dedicated specific sections of a store to various brands. Stores-within-a-store make consumers feel like they are shopping at smaller, more intimate, stores. In addition, providing consumers who shop at large retail stores, like Target, with some high-end retail items, like those Apple provides, play to shopper’s egos too. Further, those shoppers who would never step foot inside of an Apple store are more likely to venture over to the Apple section of a Target store. All in all, it’s a win-win situation for Target.

On the Apple Side

Some Apple investors worry that allowing a store like Target to offer consumer Apple items may be a dangerous game. If Target sells Apple computers, will consumers still visit Apple stores? Even further, will consumers still consider Apple to be a special brand? Only time will tell, though Target is set up to launch these test stores within the next month or so. Just where these stores will be located and how much of a store will be dedicated to Apple products (or how those products will be displayed) has yet to be seen.

This isn’t the last that consumer will see of stores-within-a-store. Soon enough, a number of different retailers are sure to follow Target’s lead – if that lead is a successful one, that is. This new Apple and Target news has many consumers wondering what companies will join efforts next, Google and Walmart perhaps? Only time will tell, though the future is looking brand bright.