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  • A Closer Look at iOS 7
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Apple's latest announcements at yesterday's WWDC 2013 is all over the news today. The company announced a few hardware updates in addition to the brand new iOS 7. The biggest changes are in the way that the new interface looks. Apple has revamped the whole design, and that's something that needed to be done for a long time. Here's a closer look at the new iOS 7.

A New Notification Center

The biggest complain that current iOS users have is the lack of cohesion with the notification center. Spending time dismissing notifications from one device to the next, a bunch of times, is purely annoying. Now, devices synch up nicely, so you don't have to go through the same steps over and over again.

You can also access your notification center directly from the lockscreen now. This is a big change, since it was impossible to access the center from the lockscreen before. At the top of the newly designed notification center, you will now see three tabs: 'today,' 'all,' and 'missed.' These tabs let you know what's happening today, everything that's happening, and what you've missed, respectively.

New Toggling

Not only has the notification center been revamped, but Apple makes it simpler to change settings now. Instead of tapping and swiping your way to changes, you can simply pull up the bottom of the lockscreen. From there, you will see Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane Mode, and various other quick options. It is also possible to adjust lighting, music, and other features directly from the lockscreen.


If you have a Mac, you are familiar with Apple's AirDrop feature. This same feature is now available through iOS 7. You can transfer encrypted files from peer-to-peer through AirDrop, which makes sharing information simple. This feature is only available on the iPhone 5, but Apple says it will come to all devices soon enough.

Photo Organization

The iOS photo app has always been fairly basic. Now, the Apple photo app will organize your pictures according to dates and places. This organization of photos will make it easier to fine the pictures you are looking for. Photos will also come with a handy cropping feature that lets you size pictures just right for sharing in apps like Instagram.

App Store Updates

Inside the new iOS 7 app store, you will find some great location-based suggestions. For example: if you are currently traveling in Boston, the app store may suggest that you download Boston subway maps or apps that pertain to Boston businesses. And, FINALLY, you won't have to manually update apps. Apps will automatically update in the background.

Siri Gets An Update Too

Sick of Siri's robotic voice? Apple now lets you choose between a male or female voice that's far more human. The Siri app also supports numerous languages now, and Sir has received a data upgrade (more information is available).

It's All Here

Apple has thought of almost everything with the new iOS 7 upgrade. Now, you just have to upgrade your phone. Right away, you will see a drastic design difference in addition to the many other things listed above.