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  • Inside iOS 6

In case you haven’t heard, iOS 6 is almost ready and Apple has recently made a lot of new announcements concerning this new OS. With this new update will come a lot of interesting things from Apple. In fact, Apple has been making lots of headlines these days based on new and innovative devices, but that’s somewhat beside the point. The point here is that iOS 6 is interesting in more ways than one. Want to upgrade or not sure if you can? Here’s a quick iOS 6 breakdown.

Some Are Left Out

Apple users tend to hold their breath when Apple updates its current OS. More often than not, a new OS means that some Apple devices won’t receive an update. When this happens, those older devices eventually become obsolete. In this case, first generation iPads and third-generation iPod Touch devices are the ones that will be left out of the update. If you have an original iPad or third-generation iPod Touch, there’s not much that you can do, but you can still use the current OS for the time being.

Interestingly, Apple has chosen to update the iPhone 3GS, so you’re still in the clear if you have this mobile. Aside from these few devices, all other Apple devices can be updated. What will you see when you update? There are a few things that Apple has decided to include…and just one more thing that Apple has left out.

Apple Says No to Google

Google Maps is a thing of the past in iOS 6. Apple has completely ditched Google and Google Maps. Why? Apple has decided to create a map app of its own using information from various acquisitions and the navigation company TomTom. Incidentally, TomTom launched a massive campaign to chart many unknown islands, but now this incident isn’t looking so coincidental after all. TomTom, it seems, is working with Apple to become one of the biggest (if not the biggest) navigation companies out there. TomTom aside, the new Apple map app is simply called Maps and it has thrown Google for a loop.

The new creation of Maps may just prove that Google isn’t actually needed any longer for any thing when it comes to Apple – just another way that the two companies are divided. In addition to Maps, Apple has included another app called Passbook. This app will load with the home screen and is, essentially, a way to keep all of your tickets, boarding passes, and other passes in one neat app. When nearing a gate or a theater, Apple will then simply activate the app and pull up the corresponding pass – nothing short of amazing. There’s no doubt that this OS will be the talk of the town once it is ready.

iOS 6 is Not Here Yet…

Anxious to update to iOS 6? You certainly aren’t alone! Unfortunately, this OS is not quite ready to roll out. Apple has stated that iOS 6 will be available during the fall. When, exactly? Apple hasn’t set a strict date yet, but I’ll definitely keep you posted!