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  • Apple's New iOS 7 Means Business (Literally)
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Apple is going after a new crowd with iOS 7. The company is specifically targeting businesses this time around. The new iOS comes with security features for businesses that help provide complete access control. Here's a closer look.

Business Security At Its Best

iOS 7 comes with business security features that are much needed. One such feature includes the ability for businesses to control which accounts and apps can open which documents. For example, a business could control which account has access to various emails or documents, and which accounts are locked out. This leave little room for a breach of security-type error.

Further, business security administrators can now configure apps using Per App VPN. In short, apps can now connect directly to a company's private and secure VPN when launched. Apple has also created a new app purchase log-in that lets employees enter personal Apple IDs when purchasing apps through a company account.

Further, the new Apple 'Enterprise Single Sign On' lets users enter credentials, and then use those same single sign on credentials to log into all apps. All of this makes business using iOS 7 easier, more secure, and highly competitive. But Apple isn't done yet.

Additional iOS Business Features and the Future

Apple has also made some changes to the popular Microsoft Exchange. Now, users can synch Outlook notes on Mac and PC. These are a lot of changes coming from Apple, and all of these new security features and updates are aimed directly at businesses.

Apple isn't alone in the business ring, though. BlackBerry and Samsung are both working tirelessly for the same business dollars. IT departments now have lots of options, and Apple is just the latest company to tap into the business crowd. In order to become the only option, Apple must prove that it has business features other competitors do not have.

The new iOS 7 isn't set to ship until the fall, so it will be a few months until the service is ready to roll. Until that time comes, Apple is bound to make some more adjustments and announce some new features.

Is It Too Pretty?

Apple has been catching some slack from the tech world for creating a new iOS that's 'too pretty.' For some reason, a slick iOS and an iOS that's also a workhorse can't go together, though this makes little sense. The new iOS 7 is prettier than the rest, but it also looks like Apple has been working on the technical side of things too. This iOS won't be a slouch, pretty or not.

If you want to see what Apple is up to, you can check out the company's new business page right now. On that page, you will see what Apple has been working on, and you can form your own opinions about iOS 7 for business. Look out BlackBerry and Samsung, Apple is just around the corner with all-new features and a slick interface. If you're in IT, would you consider the new iOS 7 for business?