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  • Why You Should Upgrade to iOS 8
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You don’t have to upgrade to a new iPhone 6 in order to reap the benefits of Apple’s newest developments. If you have an iPhone 4S, 5S, or 5C, you can upgrade to iOS 8 for free. While many of the past iOS upgrades have been somewhat lacklustre, iOS 8 promises to be the kind of upgrade that you’ll want to have as soon as possible - here’s why.

Better Apple Apps

This time around, Apple has spent a lot of time developing core Apple apps. Further, the updated Apple apps will play better with other apps. You’ll find that the Mail apps is more intuitive, includes a lot of swiping actions that we’re all used to, and is just so much easier to use than it ever has been. In addition to Mail app upgrades, Apple has worked hard to make iMessage the messenger of choice, and it now directly competes with other apps like the popular Whatsapp.

One of the things that I like about the new iMessage is that you can now send audio messages - but the cool thing about Apple’s audio messages is that they disappear after two minutes. So, you can send a private message, the recipient can view it, and that message will completely disappear after two minutes, so you don’t have to worry about someone else hearing your private message. It’s also possible to share a location via iMessage, and to mute group messages. If you do want to save an audio message, you can do that too with the new “keep” option.

Keyboard Changes

It has been really frustrating to watch Android users these past years swipe to type. Now, Apple lets users download and use third party keyboard apps like SwiftKey and Swipe. Those apps now play well with Apple’s hardware and software, so typing is a lot easier if you prefer to swipe.

Touch ID

The popular Apple Touch ID now works with other apps as well. If an app supports the touch feature, the touchpad on your iPhone will now work with that app. If you’ve gotten used to the Touch ID pad, you’ll love that you can now use it with any other app that works with touch ID. Master password managers can now complete entire sign in sheets with just your fingerprint, which is a really great way to ensure security and ease.

Apple Health

The Health app is, quite possibly, the most talked about feature of the new iOS 8. It’s no secret that Apple is strongly focused on health now, and everyone that upgrades to iOS 8 will automatically get the Health app too. The app aims to get rid of other apps that you may already use to track health data like calories burned and steps, so that all you have to do is open up your Apple Health app to see everything that you want to know about how much activity you managed to accomplish in one day.

Eventually, all of those third party fitness apps that you love will report directly to the Apple Health app, so the app will really become the center of your Health world.

Apple’s iOS 8 should be available for download in most countries starting next Wednesday. If you do have a compatible iPhone, make sure to upgrade - these are some very cool changes that you don’t want to miss.