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  • Apple To Unveil iPad 3
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The biggest news of the day (week, month) is that Apple is set to unveil the iPad 3. In legendary Apple form, the company sent out exclusive invites to the tech-savvy stating that a new product would launch on March 7th at an Apple event in San Francisco. Apple didn’t directly state that the new device would be the iPad 3, but the invite did say that the product being launched is something that invitees “would really want to see and touch.”

There’s very little doubt that Apple will unveil the iPad 3, and this might just take away all of Apple’s current worries. What will the new tablet look like? What will happen to all of those iPad 2 tablets? These questions have yet to be answered, but I can certainly speculate for your reading amusement.

Consumers Are Already Ditching the iPad 2

A report from Mashable this morning states that resellers have already been hit with a flood of iPad 2 devices. Consumers are banking on the breaking iPad 3 news and are trying to get their money’s worth for existing iPad 2 tablets. For any consumer looking to get rid of an iPad 2 while getting a good price for the tablet should start selling right now. Once the iPad 3 has been released, it will be a lot harder to unload an iPad 2, since so many people will be trying to accomplish the same task. There are lots of resellers on the Internet that will take a used iPad 2 right now, but this might not be the case once these resellers are hit with thousands of tablets from around the globe.

While there’s very little chance that Apple will unveil something other than the iPad 3, you might want to hang onto your iPad 2 just in case. Then again, as mentioned, you have a much better chance of selling your iPad 2 right now than you will in the coming months. After all, March 7 isn’t that far away!

Will Apple Raise or Lower Prices?

Amazingly, even though the iPad 2 is on the expensive side, plenty of consumers shelled out lots of dollars to purchase this tablet. Sure, the iPad 2 is easily one of the best (if not the best) tablets on the market, but it is still a high priced gadget. Thus, many are wondering if Apple will offer the iPad 3 at a lower price. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this price lowering speculation is doubtful. In fact, it seems as though Apple may stick a higher price tag on the new tablet.

The iPad 3 is bound to come with more features than the iPad 2 currently has, and it’s also bound to be faster (might it also come with Siri?). Once Apple ships the iPad 3 to a store near you, you can wait in line to play with this device or you can simply wait a few months (once those crazy lines have died down). Whether you line up to catch a first glimpse or just read about what the new tablet has to offer, it’s hard to deny that the iPad 3 will be the biggest tech news during the month of March – so big that it might cover up Apple’s current China-related problems.