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  • iTunes Radio: A Review
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Can 11 million users be wrong? That's how many people already scooped up iTunes Radio. The new iTunes Radio comes with the latest iOS 7 update and with any new iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S purchase. But, how does iTunes Radio stack up to its number one competitor, Pandora? Let's take a closer look.

A Little Buggy

Apple's iTunes Radio hasn't been around as long as Pandora, so you can expect some hiccups. This streaming radio service is really closely modeled after Pandora, though, and it even comes with song suggestions and personalized radio options - two things that are the main attractions with iTunes Radio.

The problem with iTunes Radio, thus far, is that a lot of users are reporting terrible match-ups. If you like to listen to hip-hop, for example, iTunes Radio might match you with, say, country music. Alright, the mix-ups aren't that far off, but they aren't comparable to what Pandora offers - or even Rdio. Then again, this is all to be expected with a radio service that's brand new.

There are some great things about iTunes Radio too.

iTunes Radio Benefits

The first really great thing is (not surprisingly), it's simple to purchase a song from iTunes using the Radio feature. Apple also gets it right when it comes to the placement of iTunes Radio with the new iOS 7. iTunes Radio is really centrally located, and controlling the streaming app from the new iOS 7 platform.

Apple also keeps a log of what you listen to, so you can skip through songs (there is a limit to the number of skips you can request per hour, though) simply enough. If you want to purchase a song you heard an hour ago, for example, you can do this by looking at your play history. Everything that you've listened to includes a fast and painless way to purchase those tunes through iTunes.

A nice added feature is the Preview feature that lets you hear the songs you want to download once again before you buy a song or two. Apple also excels where ads are concerned, since iTunes Radio has significantly fewer ads than Pandora - that's a great thing.

The Bottom Line

iTunes Radio is easy to access, comes with lots of great features, and is available on every iOS 7 device. Apple's foray into the streaming music scene is a bold one, and it's also one that will likely only get better with time. If you haven't upgraded to iOS 7 yet, go ahead and check out what Apple has been working on. Is iTunes Radio better than Pandora?

That's a tough question to answer, but I'm going to go with: not yet. Still, Apple's iTunes Radio is worth checking out, and this reviewer will be using iTunes Radio for the new few months to really get a feel for the new streaming service. Have you upgraded? Like what you hear? Hate iTunes Radio? Comments? Questions? Let me know below or tell me what you love or hate.