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  • Is Apple Updating the MacBook Pro?
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Apple comes out with a lot of products on a fairly regular basis. But one thing the company doesn’t update that often is the MacBook Pro. Subtle changes in the Pro happen but the laptop in its entirety doesn’t really get updated too often. So when there’s news that Apple will be updating the Pro people tend to get excited.

The Rumours

There are multiple rumours from multiple sources stating that Apple is about to update the Pro line of MacBooks. This update, it has been noted, will be significant. The update will include a lot more than just a thinner body too. Word on the street is that the whole keyboard setup will be changed.

Word has it that Apple plans to put some kind of OLED touch strip where the keyboard used to be. This touch strip would work off of fingerprints making typing a whole different ballgame. The touch strip might sit above the keyboard and recognise hand gestures or it could replace the keyboard entirely. Fingerprint locking is another rumour that’s been floating around.

Body Size and Shape

It’s not really clear what the new Pro will look like as far as design goes (the design of the Pro hasn’t really been updated in approximately four years or so). But some tech blogs and reviewers are looking at a thinner laptop that’s also lighter. Apple won’t go the route of the Air with this one though. MacBook Pro users are looking for something more substantial.

The OLED strip would be the first major change to the Pro in many years. Some wonder whether or not Apple will follow-up on the rumour and create something that is so far away from the traditional Pro (some users may not like the OLED option). Others wonder how well a Pro with an OLED strip will age.

But the OLED strip rumour is coming from some reliable sources that have been spot on where Apple rumours are concerned before, so it does seem like Apple will move in that direction.

Inside the New Pro

It has also been circulating that Apple will update the processor inside of the MacBook Pro. The company may offer a newer version available from AMD that’s also stronger. As far as other inside details go not much has been revealed so far. It has also been estimated that Apple will include a wider trackpad and possibly bigger keys if the keys still exist.

A Big Step

The MacBook Pro is one piece of hardware that Apple has not updated often, but the Pro is still a popular purchase for anyone looking for a solid laptop. The sources that are circulating these rumours also state that Apple will release the new Pro later this year. An exact release date has not been stated or guessed at, but it would make sense for the company to release the new Pro during the pre-holiday season.

If you’ve been wondering whether you should update your current Pro or buy a new laptop, you may want to sit tight to see what Apple puts out this year.