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So you are a PC user and are afraid to change to a Mac because it will be too big of a learning curve. Maybe you have other Apple products like the iPhone and iPod and want to make the desktop switch because everything you’ve ever purchased from Apple just “made sense.” No matter what the reason, when you consider purchasing a Mac Desktop you need to be just as informed as you would be prior to any other major electronic purchase. Apple’s line of Mac desktops includes three distinct models – the Mac Pro, Mac Mini and iMac. There are a variety of different options under each model but those differences lie more in size of hard drives, memory and monitor as opposed to ease of use and functionality. While each Mac desktop has phenomenal features, the choice can be quite confusing when attempting to select the best for your individual needs. That is where we come in.

Mac Pro

Apple’s Mac Pro series (formerly Power Mac) have long been available in the business world due to their giant capabilities. The Mac Pro ($2499 and up) offers multi-core processors, server-grade ECC RAM, internal RAID support and the ability to run up to four graphics cards at once. You have the choice between the Quad-Core and 8-core model that easily put out enough processing power to handle almost anything. The Mac Pro series are true “work” machines and should not be considered by the traditional consumer crowd.

Mac Mini

The Mac Mini offers consumers a ridiculously compact design (1.4 by 7.7 by 7.7 inches (HWD)) and is extremely affordable at $699. The Mac Mini is considered to be maybe the best mini PC on the market today. It is energy efficient, has great 3D graphics, SD card slot, HDMI port and more. Four of the six surfaces are all aluminum and the back panel is black matte plastic making an extremely slick design. The Mac Mini is to regular consumers what the Mac Pro is to businesses – the class of its category.


The iMac is a beautiful machine that is not only visually sleek but one of the easiest consumer computers to get accustomed to. You have the choice between a 21.5-inch ($1199) and 27-inch iMac ($1499) and both have considerable storage and amazing picture and sound. The graphics card is top-of-the-line and the wireless keyboard and mouse allow for maximum use of any work area. The iMac is the most universal machine in that it can be extremely productive for a family, student or business. While it may not be expandable enough for some professional users, unlike the Mac Pro, it is easily the best value of an Apple computer and easily the best overall Mac desktop produced and sold by Apple.