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Yesterday, Apple announced a few different devices including the all new iPad Air. This is, of course, perfect timing for those seeking a new iPad as a holiday gift - or those that are especially generous and want to give a new iPad as a holiday gift!

Here's everything about the new iPad Air that you need to know.

Details, Details, Details!

How light is it? How tall is it? What does it include? Let's take a look! With the new iPad Air, you will get:

Apple's new 64-bit A7 chipset
M7 motion coprocessor
rear 5-megapixel camera
HD front-facing camera
10-hour battery life
7.5mm thickness
Weight of less than one pound

As far as design goes, this iPad looks like a svelte and much savvier version of its predecessor. In fact, Apple has done such an excellent job designing this new iPad that older iPads will stand out in contrast immediately. Want one?

Availability, Pricing, and Other Information

Apple will be offering a 16GB WiFi only iPad Air for $499. The company will also offer a 16GB LTE option for $629. Those prices are on the high side, but they're also quite compatible with the way that Apple usually prices iPads and other new devices. Should you get one? That depends on what you want in a tablet.

It's really going to be tough for competitors to beat the overall shape and design of the Air. And, of course, the Air is incredibly lightweight, which makes this tablet even better. There are certainly less expensive tablets on the market that are somewhat comparable as far as specs go, but Apple's newest Air is already getting a good reputation amongst reviewers.

Apple's new Air will debut in November. In addition to the new iPad Air, Apple also announced the iPad Mini with Retina yesterday. Let's take a look at that device too.

The iPad Mini With Retina

Here are the quick specs for this device:

2,048 x 1,536 resolution
64-bit A7 chip
Bluetooth and camera support
M7 coprocessor

So, how does the iPad Mini differ? It's definitely slimmer, prettier, and a lot smaller - with the word "smaller" being the identifying factor here. If you want an iPad that's a lot trimmer than the full-size version, the iPad Mini with Retina is the way to go. A 16GB Mini will go on sale in November for $399.

What Else?

Apple's main focus of the big event yesterday was the Mac. The MacBook Pro with Retina display laptops are nice, smooth, and light. Also, has also made the upgrade to OS X Mavericks completely free for current Mac users - just download from the Apple site, how great is that?

Check back on this blog for additional Apple updates. Apple's newest devices and upgrades are well worth reading about - especially before you buy any kind of device this holiday season!

What do you think about Apple's newest devices? Worth the prices? Not worth it? Let me know!