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  • Apple Returns and Refunds are Now Faster
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Apple wants you to buy devices directly from the Apple website. Right now, that’s not happening due to third-party vendors selling Apple products across the board.

To get people to buy more Apple products right from the company’s website, Apple has decided to speed up the return and refund process. If you want to send something back to Apple, here’s how to do it (and why it’s faster than ever before).

Expediting Things

Apple is now using FedEx 2 Day service to make it simpler and faster for customers to return items with a pre-paid envelope. This service will cost Apple a good deal of cash, but that cost will be worth it in order to lure customers back to the Apple website. Why does Apple want people to buy products from the company’s site instead of buying from a site like Amazon? It comes down to a few things, really.

First, Apple likes to control every aspect of Apple products from development to sales. When a company like Apple is known strives to provide excellent customer service, retaining control over all aspects of device sales is important. Apple can’t provide good customer service if another company is responsible for keeping customers happy. Plus, Apple wants all of the sales from devices. Another good reason is that Apple wants people to see new and different products on the Apple website.

If consumers are buying from Amazon, they are searching for one product only and directly. Apple is trying to get control back over all Apple products, and that can only happen if the company sells more products through its site directly.

The Speed Factor

It’s really tough for any company, including Apple, to compete with another company like Amazon. Companies like Amazon are fast when it comes to returns and refunds. Effectively competing with a company like Amazon means that Apple has to speed things up, and that can only happen if Apple goes the FedEx route.

So, it makes sense that Apple is putting money into making things faster for consumers, though it also means that Apple has to spend more money to make it all come together, and it’s one of the first times that I’ve seen Apple make such a move. Then again, it’s also one of the first times that Apple isn’t on top of selling its own products, so maybe that’s one of the driving reasons behind this recent decision.

Apple wants to make consumers happy, and that means making things fast. Today’s consumer wants speed, and Apple has to work to make sure that happens. While Apple doesn’t comment on competitors, recent stats have shown that consumers aren’t buying from Apple directly anymore, and that’s hurting the company’s overall sales. Will this new expedited tactic help? It’s hard to say, but it’s one expense that Apple is willing to incur. Hopefully, consumers will enjoy the faster return times, and the money Apple is putting into the new FedEx service will pay off – otherwise, this move will be added to the list of bad business decisions.