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  • Apple Sets Up Two-Step Security for iMessage and FaceTime
Technology Articles > Software > Security & Privacy > Apple Sets Up Two-Step Security for iMessage and FaceTime

With all of the security breaches happening lately, Apple wants to protect users from any hacking or other mishaps. The company has added two-step authentication for both iMessage and for FaceTime, which adds an extra level of security to both.

How much good can this new security measure really do? Surprisingly, two-step authentication is a very good way to make sure that programs like iMessage and FaceTime are secure.

How This Security Measure Works

Two-step authentication usually happens in the form of a one-time password that’s sent to users via text to a smartphone that has been paired with a user account. This code must be used in conjunction with a regular password in order to access a program. Hackers trying to tap into a program need to have the second password in order to access data, and this is often impossible to get, since it is sent through text to a smartphone.

How Apple plans to send separate codes to smartphones when programs like iMessage and FaceTime exist for those phones remains to be seen (perhaps by pairing the codes with an email service?), but the company is dead serious about security, that’s for sure. Apple has also recently added the same security process to both iTunes and iCloud. Apple is hoping that adding these extra layers of security to its products will protect users, and gain back user trust.

Apple Security Criticism

Last year, Apple faced one of the worst security hacks in the company’s history when a number of private celebrity photos were hacked, and then those photos were shared across the Internet. Now, the company is somewhat scrambling to prove to users that Apple products are safe. Switching to a two-step authentication security measure is also something that has worked quite well for companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox, so it’s safe to assume that this security measure will work well for Apple too.

Setting up a two-step security process is easy for users as well, and it’s definitely something that you should do with any program that offers this layer of security. It only takes a minute to ask a program to send you a code through text, but that code could mean the difference between keeping your files and information safe, and allowing a hacker to tap into what you are storing.

If you do have any Apple program that now allows this type of security measure, make sure to set it up. It’s also a good idea to use the same authentication process with other programs offered by Google, Dropbox, or any other company.

Apple Provides Help

Just in case you can’t figure out how to set up the Apple two-step process, the company has placed two help pages on the main Apple site. You should also see directions for setting up the process when you attempt to access these Apple products.

The question now is will the extra security measures make Apple a safe and secure company in the minds of most users, or will the stigma of Apple products being easily hackable still stick?