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  • What's Included in the Apple 9.3 Update?
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You’ve probably seen the notification to upgrade to iOS 9.3 on your iPhone for a few days now. If you’re like me, you probably keep ignoring that upgrade notice thinking that nothing new has really been added to the latest upgrade. But, that’s not exactly true. In fact, there are some really interesting new features that have been added to 9.3.

Take a look.

What’s New With 9.3

One of the small changes that Apple has made will make you (and possibly your partner) happy if you’ve ever been up at night looking at your phone, and keeping the whole town up while you do it. Apple has created a new screen mode called Night Shift that dims the screen at night. So, you’ll no longer wake up everyone in your house when you look at your phone during the evening hours.

Another great little 9.3 feature is touch ID for your notes. While Touch ID has been part of unlocking your phone for a while now, your notes were open and susceptible to anyone that picked up your phone. Now, you can protect everything that you write down with your fingerprint. This is a small change, but (like Night Shift) it’s one that is really useful.

Educational Shifts

Apple has also put a lot of emphasis on education this time around. The company has now made it possible for multiple students (or children) to use the same iPad. Each person can now have a separate login too, which makes sharing an iPad even easier. This is the first time that Apple has ever allowed multiple users to use the same device.

There are a lot of other educational upgrades as well. One more addition that’s really great for smaller kids is a new kind of iPad password. The new passwords only have to be four digits, which makes it a lot simpler for little kids to log into an iPad account.

So whether you agree with this kind of technology in the classroom or not, Apple’s newest features allow schools that can’t afford one iPad per kid to use one device for multiple kids. Since the iPad is now an excellent learning tool (and is used widely in schools across the world), the newest multiple user feature is a great upgrade.

All Around Positive

While you probably haven’t heard much about 9.3 because there aren’t any really massive changes being made, the changes that are happening are really useful. If you haven’t upgraded yet, don’t hesitate on this one. It might seem like the changes are too small to really matter, but I’m betting that you’re going to love the newest upgrades.

Sometimes, upgrades are small, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t amazing. Apple has been in the shadows for a little while now, and these new changes probably won’t fix that issue, but it’s nice to see the company is still moving forward with some positive ideas. So go ahead and upgrade, you’ll like what you see.