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  • Apple's New Apple Pay Feature May Cut Banks Out
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At the annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), Apple unveiled some cool things. Innovative things. Let’s take a minute to rejoice. One of those things is the new ability to send payments through Apple Pay using iMessage.

This addition to Apple Pay takes a direct stab at companies like PayPal, and, due to the way that the payments are stored, at big banks.

How Apple’s New Pay Feature Will Work

Apple’s new person-to-person payments will arrive with iOS 11 (which will launch later this year). The payments will be exclusive to iMessage, which may mean that Apple users can send payments to each other but not to, say, Android users. Whether or not these payments will function outside of iMessage in the future is unclear at this time.

Once a payment is made, it will be transferred to a card that Apple is calling the ‘Apple Pay Cash Card.’ From the Apple Pay Cash Card, payments can be sent to your bank account. Notice how Apple didn’t use a service like PayPal to complete transaction -- or even your bank? Apple doesn’t need help processing payments. That’s an interesting twist.

Secure or Not?

The biggest question that races through my mind when reading about Apple’s new Pay feature is security. iMessages are supposed to be secure, but how secure will Apple’s new Pay Cash Card be? Of course, Apple will do all things necessary to make sure transactions are secure (that’s kind of essential nowadays), but there’s always the risk of a message being intercepted.

This is where iOS 11 comes into play. The newest version of iOS was also covered at yesterday’s conference. By the very nature of updating the software system, Apple is making it more secure. But this also mans that the iPhone 5 and 5C will become obsolete. Anyone that still uses an older version of the iPhone or iPad will find themselves faced with a potentially unsecured advice - one that Apple will no longer provide support for.

Possible Games and Apps Gone\t\t

With the new iOS update comes the possibility of some games and apps also becoming obsolete. Apple does provide an entire list of those apps and games that may no longer work following the new iOS update on its site. If you can’t find the list there, you can find an updated version on various technology blogs.

Apple is also switching to a 64-bit system, which means that some apps and games developed for a 32-bit device will cease to work as well. That’s bad news for developers that didn’t expect this switch, and for people that loved the apps and games they were already using.

But developers now have a few months to come out with newer versions of those apps and games so that’s something at least (hopefully your favorite games and apps will be updated!).

Release Date for iOS 11

Apple didn’t provide a specific release date, but the company did note that iOS11 will be available for free this summer. Those devices that are still supported by the company will be getting the update. It’s a tough decision when a device that you own is suddenly obsolete. But if you do have an older Apple device that will no longer be supported, it’s a good idea to update or risk major security issues.