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  • New iPhone and iPad Coming in March
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Rumours are flying this morning that Apple is about to release a new iPhone. This time around, the company will reportedly release a smaller iPhone.

The latest news is that the iPhone to be released in March will be 4 inches in screen size, which makes it the smallest iPhone released in quite some time.

Release Date

Reputable resources that tend to have the inside track on all things Apple note that a potential release date for the new phone will be March 21, 2016. It has also been noted that Apple pushed back this launch date as the original date was probably sometime in January or earlier. Why Apple might have pushed the date back remains to be seen, but it could be an issue with production of the new phone.

Aside from having a 4-inch screen, the new iPhone will likely be in line with the iPhone 6 lineup, though some reports are noting that the new phone might come in a hot pink color. If the color of the phone is any indication, Apple’s newest phone might be a cheaper build and targeted for a different market -- one could estimate that women are the target this time around, but that might be complete speculation.

Additional Apple Devices Coming\t\t

In addition to the new iPhone that should be surfacing in March, there are also rumours that Apple will be releasing a newer version of the iPad. As far as iPad rumours go, the newest version will be a 9-inch version. Other than the size of the iPad, not much is expected to change with the latest iPad release.

Apple’s Need for New Devices

Lately, Apple hasn’t been attracting new consumers to the brand. There are a plethora of reasons why this is the case, but mainly it’s because Apple hasn’t really created anything mind-blowing in quite some time. The Apple Watch was the latest new device that the company developed, and the watch did not sell quite as well as Apple had hoped. As far as Apple’s phones and tablets go, though, nothing much has changed.

Apple might be playing around with the size of the new iPhone, but unless something else changes in addition to the size of the phone it’s unlikely that Apple will continue to gather new consumers. Right now, the smartphone competition is fierce, and other companies are offering many phones and tablets that are similar to what Apple has been offering. So unless Apple create something truly amazing, the brand will continue to lose popularity.

No Official News

Apple is notorious for not releasing news about upcoming devices until the time that a device is publicly released. Many different bloggers have attempted to reach out to Apple to determine whether or not the new iPhone and iPad rumours are true, but Apple has refused to make an official comment.

You can expect Apple to create an event where the company will announce the new devices soon. Stay tuned for more information once those devices are released.