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  • Apple iPhone Sales Hit Record Low
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When BlackBerry’s devices lagged behind, users didn’t think that BlackBerry would really start to nose dive, but it happened and BlackBerry is still struggling. It’s starting to look like Apple is following in BlackBerry’s footsteps.

Yes, that’s right. Apple. Apple has today reported the lowest drop in iPhone sales in the company’s history. Even giants can fall when it comes to the fast-paced world of technology.

What’s Happening at Apple

If you start to analyze why Apple’s iPhone sales are down, it’s not incredibly hard to figure out why people aren’t buying iPhones like they used to. There are comparative (and dare I say better?) smartphones out there. There are smartphones out there that are a lot less expensive. There are also smartphones out there that have an array of available apps. More importantly, though, Apple isn’t innovating the same way that the company used to.

Apple hasn’t really made anything new and mind-blowing since, well, the first iPhone hit the market. The company recently released a less expensive version of the iPhone but that is not selling either. Clearly Apple is starting to be eclipsed by other companies that are making comparable or better phones. Also, Apple hasn’t done much in the way of tablets either.

Other Apple Devices

Apple did put out the Apple Watch, but that only sold in small batches. Let’s face it, too, most people do not have the money to spend on a watch of this kind, so Apple couldn’t really expect to sell the watches in large batches. But so far Apple is just reporting lower than ever iPhone sales. The rest of Apple’s devices are selling as can be expected.

Apple also heavily relies on iPhone sales from China, and consumers in China haven’t been buying iPhones as much. If you put all of this together it all adds up to a company that’s not doing so well - a company that has to figure out how to get it together or risk going in the direction of BlackBerry.

What This Means

Right now, Apple is still providing updates and help for its iPhones. Apple will continue to do so for the foreseeable future as well. Right now, Apple pretty much is the iPhone or iOS devices. Sure, the company still sells laptops and desktops, but the iPhone was Apple’s bread and butter. Now that the iPhone is tanking, Apple will have to figure out how to boost sales for iPhones once again or figure something else out.

The problem here is that Apple needs to innovate and innovate quickly. This is something that the company hasn’t really been able to do since Steve Jobs passed away. Consumers want the newest thing and the iPhones that are currently on the market just aren’t it. Apple has recently released the SE iPhone (a less expensive and somewhat smaller version of the older 5S), and interest in that phone is still high.

Perhaps, then, consumers still love Apple but maybe they just want phones that are cheaper and smaller - rather than the large phones that Apple has been putting out. Time will tell whether or not the iPhone market is saturated - but it’s starting to look that way for sure.