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  • Apple VS. Samsung – What’s Happening?
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Had a busy week? No time to catch up on Apple VS. Samsung news? No problem; here are the gory details.

A UK Judge Sets Apple Straight

Last week, Judge Colin Birss of the High Court in England ordered Apple to place a note on its website stating that Samsung did not copy Apple when creating the Galaxy Tab tablets. In addition to the note, Birss demanded that Apple take out ads in some of the UK’s most popular magazines stating that the Samsung Tab tablets did not copy or look like the Apple iPad. Seemingly, Birss is an Android fan.

Apple Fights Back

If you head to the Apple UK site right now, you will notice that the site does not actually show that apologetic sign. Instead, Apple has managed to put off posting such signs in print or on its site until October when Apple will appeal the judgment. Quite possibly, Apple may be able to convince the high court that the company has every right to point the finger at Samsung. For now, though, as far as the UK goes, Apple is not allowed to make such claims. Apple will continue to fight this battle in the UK until the company either wins, is forced to give up, or pulls its product line from the UK (not something that Apple is considering, but this reviewer says “go for it”).

Court Battles All Across the World

The UK isn’t the only place where Apple and Samsung lawyers are battling it out. Apple and Samsung are fighting this fight across the world in nearly every country where Apple products are sold. Apple is out for blood, and is tired of Samsung creating products that are very similar to what Apple puts out. Apple has won some of these battles while Samsung continues to pick up speed. Deductively, whether or not a ruling judge owns a Samsung phone tends to be a factor (no, not really).

Which Company Is Right?

The ultimate question here is: did Samsung copy Apple or did Samsung simply come up with its own products that just so happen to look like Apple’s? It’s tough to say which company came out with the concept of an “iPad-like” tablet first. All signs in this reviewer’s opinion point to Apple, but, hey, I’m not a UK judge. It also seems like Apple will successfully appeal Judge Birss’ ruling. After all, forcing a private company to put an apology note on its privately owned website just seems like an infringement of rights, or something to that effect – not to mention the fact that it’s just juvenile.

Are you an Apple or Samsung fan? Do you think that Apple deserves public humiliation in the UK, or should the company just bail out of England altogether? Sure, they’d be missing a market, but is the public humiliation really worth it? Posting a sign on the Apple UK website and taking out print ads is relatively the same ad admitting defeat. Unless, of course, Apple’s new tagline in the UK is: “We Appreciate the Flattery.”