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  • New Apple Security Breach
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It’s rare that a security breach happens in Apple’s App Store, but when it does happen (because it’s so rare), it makes all the top headlines.

This past week, Apple yanked some apps from the app store because the company believed that the apps were deemed insecure. Since Apple takes security seriously, the company removed the apps as soon as it was determined that a security breach could happen.

What You Need to Know

The apps that Apple removed from the App Store were installing various certificates on user phones, and then sending information gathered to third parties. This means that anyone using those apps could wind up with compromised data. While it’s a good thing that Apple removed the apps, it’s not such a good thing that the company hasn’t published the names of those apps. Why?

If you are an iPhone users, wouldn’t you like the know the names of the companies that created the questionable apps? This way, you could avoid downloading apps created by the same company in the future. Even though Apple has eradicated the apps from the App Store, the company did not disclose the names of the apps, the companies behind those apps, or how many apps were removed.

One App Noted

One app that was removed (and was discovered by users) was the popular Been Choice. This app, kind of ironically, blocked advertisements in other apps. Apple has issued a statement letting users know that the company is aware of the problematic apps, and Apple will also help users delete those apps.

So what can you do if you use an iPhone and you’re wondering whether or not you have an app that is in question, the best thing to do is to check with Apple. Presumably, the company will be publishing a list of apps that may be a security issue, but nothing has been released so far. How Apple plans to get in touch with users remains to be seen.

A Security Problem

When a company like Apple faces a possible security issue, the world responds by cutting back on sales of that company’s phones and other devices. The thought is (usually) if the company has allowed an app or two into its store without catching any questionable activity, there’s a good chance that other devices created by the same company might be just as problematic. Needless to say, this is not good news for Apple, but it’s also something that can’t be entirely avoided.

If you do use Apple devices and frequent the App Store and its apps, you should stay tuned to the Apple website for a published list of apps with possible security issues. There is a good chance that an app you may have downloaded lately is a possible security threat. Other companies have faced similar problems before, but it’s rare that Apple has security issues, since the company is so stringent about what gets into the App Store. Time will tell how this issue impacts Apple’s main sales.