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  • Apple Amidst Dispute in Shanghai
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China is one of the fastest growing technology markets in the world. So, it’s understandable that Apple wants to tap into this market. Only, there’s one problem: a company based in Shanghai called Proview is claiming that Apple has no right to sell the popular iPad in China. Why? Proview has a product (a computer) called the iPAD. Being alerted of this product awhile ago, Apple purchased the rights to the word “iPad” in various other countries, but Proview does not intend to give up the rights when it comes to the Chinese market.

Why Proview Won’t Give Up the Rights

According to a New York Times article, Proview has already file for bankruptcy and the company is not doing so well. When Apple came along desiring to purchase the rights to the iPad name in China, Proview saw a gold opportunity (quite literally). Apple, being one of the most lucrative companies in the world, would have to give up tons of money in order to appease Proview – a move that is less than ethical, but might still win Proview some much needed funds (or drive Apple from the Chinese market).

Recently, a Shanghai court did not come to a decision regarding the Apple VS. Proview case. Right now, the companies are head-to-head with each one claiming that the right to the name iPad is theirs. Why doesn’t Apple just rename the device in China? Apple has already spent thousands of dollars marketing the iPad across the world (and in China), and the name of the device is what people recognize most. If Apple were to change this name, the device might not sell as well. Clearly, Proview simply wants to cash in on Apple’s current struggle.

In addition to attempting to sue Apple for the rights to the word “IPAD” in China, Proview is now attempting to stop shipments of iPads from leaving California. This latest update has just been spread through the news world, and Apple has not had a chance to comment on this story quite yet, though you can expect the company to speak about the newest suit in the next few days.

A Battle to Watch

While nobody can predict the outcome of the current Apple battle, this is certainly a battle to keep your eye on. Apple might be forced to change the name of the popular iPad in China or pull out of China completely (a move that would cost Apple plenty of money). Then again, a court may find what Proview is attempting to do despicable and Apple might be granted permission to sell the iPad in China.

Keep in mind that the actual device isn’t what’s being disputed here, but it is, instead, the name of the device. If you were Apple, what would you do? Seemingly, there are only two options here, though neither one of those options would be to Apple’s advantage. Unless a court finds in Apple’s favor, the popular tech company might have to seek a different device name. While the two companies struggle in China, Apple’s devices are selling very well elsewhere – even in Apple’s China-based stores, iPads are still selling (the company doesn’t have to pull them off shelves until court-ordered to do so).