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  • Apple Begins Splitting From Samsung
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What happens when manufacturing moves out of a country? Jobs are lost and people are burdened. Entire cities, like Detroit, can close down.

Factories can be left to the weeds, and houses become abandoned. The only way to bring a city back to life is to inject it with commerce once again.

In the case of a recent Apple report, Apple is attempting to bring the manufacturing of iPhone and iPad chip production back to the United States. While it's not Detroit, bringing this manufacturing process back to upstate New York is far better than keeping production overseas.

Malta, New York, Wins

Apple has chosen Malta, New York, as the new destination for iPhone and iPad chip production. While this writer would have liked to see Apple move its production plan to Detroit, Malta is a small town that could use the job and money injection too.

Apple won't be building a new plant, but the company will use a company called 'GlobalFoundries' to create the new processors. What about Samsung? Apple currently has no plans to close down the current Samsung factory in Texas. Instead, Samsung is said to be helping GlobalFoundries build the processors by showing the company how the process works. This is not surprising given the current rift between Apple and Samsung.

Moving Away From Samsung

I don't really need to rehash all of the going ons between Apple and Samsung as of late. While Samsung once created Apple's processors, moving away from the company seems like the right thing for Apple to do. That's why Apple is working on a new New York home. Plus, GlobalFoundries is already set up to take over, and this would take a lot of the pressure off of creating a brand new factory or finding a completely new company.

Apple's move from Texas to New York isn't exactly along the lines of bringing manufacturing back, but it does make the division between Samsung and Apple a much larger and clearer one. In addition, the town of Malta, New York, will be happy to have the additional business (which may mean new factory hires).

Apple's Texas Business

As of this writing, Apple doesn't have any plans to reduce its business with Samsung at the Texas facility. Apple only told press today that the company would be expanding to the New York facility, but this doesn't necessarily mean that Texas is out of the picture.

It also doesn't mean that the processors that are inside of the 5S will change any time soon - even though Samsung makes these processors currently. It does mean that you'll be seeing processors in the iPad and upcoming iPhones that were made in upstate New York. This isn't earth-shattering news, but it is news that some will find very interesting.

What do you think about Apple's move? Will it make a difference? Will Apple completely sever ties with Samsung in the very near future? I'd love to hear your comments on this matter - even if you think Apple is the devil!

Photo by Kellys Custom Pinstriping Via Flickr Creative Commons