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  • Apple Television Coming Soon?
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If Apple created a TV comparable to those created by Sony would you buy it? Apple seems to be betting that you would. Rumor has it (and, yes, this is just a *very reliable* rumor) that Apple is setting its sights on the television market. Now, you may be saying to yourself: wait a minute, Apple has entered this market before, so this news isn’t really anything new. But, in fact, it is.

The Apple televisions that are rising up out of the aforementioned rumors are unlike anything you’ve ever seen from Apple. In fact, some claim that Apple will begin to foray into selling televisions of all kinds from the release date onwards. These televisions will look at act just like the ones that you’ve come to love with one significant difference.

The Apple Difference’’’

The Apple TVs that you may see in an electronics store near you very soon will run on iOS. So, how would the Apple TV work? The details aren’t entirely clear, though many are predicting that the new Apple TV would be subscription-based. In order to stream video, users would have to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription. This is similar to the current Apple TV that offers users access to all kinds of streaming video services.

Presumably, Apple would include a lot more content with the new Apple TVs than with the older one. The notion of a new Apple TV is an exciting one to many Apple fans who have already seen competitor Google enter the television market. But, some wonder whether or not Apple is ready for such a bit leap without the leadership of Steve Jobs.

Continuing With Apple Products’’’

Now that Steve Jobs has stepped down due to illness, Tim Cook has large, no enormous, shoes to fill. Then again, as many well-known business journals report, Cook has actually been running the Apple show for quite awhile now. Questions as to whether or not Cook will be able to continue with current Apple products seem premature, as there’s no real reason why Cook wouldn’t be capable.

Still, Apple has not released any kind of formal statement concerning the television rumor, though this isn’t anything new. Apple never releases real information about a product or device until that product is actually headed to market. This is one of the ways that Apple has built such an admirable advertising campaign.

'''Release Date and Pricing Information’’’
The release date for the new Apple computer is set to be sometime in 2012 or 2013. I know, that sound vague, but it’s the best that we can do for now. I’ll wager a bet that the release date will be more towards 2012 and less towards 2013. Seemingly, Apple will want to release its television (if all goes according to plan) as soon as possible.

How much can you expect to pay for the new Apple TV? Well, that depends on what this TV will include. The current Apple TV retails for around $99, but this may not be much of an indicator. It’s also important to remember that you’ll probably have to fork over some kind of monthly fee in order to stream anything from your new Apple TV. There’s sure to be more news about Apple’s latest venture, so stay tuned.