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  • Is Apple In Talks With HBO and Others?
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Apple's television has been the stuff of rumors for some time now. Recently, Apple let the world know that the company is in talks with HBO, ESPN, and Viacom. Additional companies might be part of the new Apple negotiations discussion too. Apple is trying to settle contracts with these companies, so that the Apple television can finally arrive.

What does Apple have planned when it comes to Apple television? It's hard to say precisely, though we can speculate that Apple is working on a pay-per-service option for television watchers - in other words, Apple wants to help you cut the cable cord.

Apple Remains Quiet

Apple is letting anyone know anything about the rumored television. Apple's TV has been the subject of conversation for a long time now - even since Steve Jobs announced to the world that he had figured out the "TV code." But, Apple remains tight-lipped, as is the company's policy in most cases. One never knows what Apple might announce until Apple holds a press conference.

The network rumors have come from various sources, though those networks aren't confirming anything either. Some speculate that Apple will, in fact, provide an a la carte programming option, while others believe that Apple will be branching out into the cable world via Internet - Apple Cable may soon come your way. It's hard to tell.

Apple TV Arrival Dates

As is the case with the actual Apple TV, the arrival or debut date of the new Apple TV hasn't been released yet. In fact, Apple hasn't even confirmed that the company is working on a television, that's how secretive the company is about upcoming or developing projects. Many speculate, though, that the Apple television will arrive at the end of 2013 or in 2014, which could mean that Apple might announce a TV by the holiday season.

If an Apple TV does arrive this year, it will be interesting to see whether or not the company goes the Internet cable route or the a la carte route. Either way, people will surely flock to get a piece of this new Apple pie. Apple sources say that the company is not ready to introduce the television yet, but we'll have to sit back and see where it all goes. The idea of an Apple television is interesting, though.

Consumers Wait

Cable companies are on their way out. Most consumers already use services like Netflix and Apple TV to purchase movies and watch shows, so an Apple television that offers per-show or per-channel purchasing would blow those companies further out of the water. You can't blame Apple, though, cable TV hasn't really changed in a long time (too long), and that leaves the perfect opening for a company like Apple.

Would you switch from your cable company to Apple television? If you are like most people, your answer would be a simple: yes. Then again, it depends on what the deal and pricing looks like. When Apple does make an announcement on this topic, I'll let you know first.