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  • Things Updated: Cloud Synching from Apple
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Apple’s task manager, Things, has been around for some time. What hasn’t been around is syncing. Apple has just updated Things, and this app can now sync your to-do list across all of your iOS devices. If this is the update that you’ve been waiting for, you will love the new Things. If you’ve moved onto a different task manager (as you might have), you may want to see what improvements Apple has made. It might have taken awhile and a good deal of beta testing, but Things has really improved.

New Features Added to Things

The most talked about updated Things feature is Things Cloud. Things Cloud allows you to sync your Things list with all of your iOS devices. So, you can rest assured that when you enter something in Things on your laptop, any iOS device you own will be updated too. This takes the hassle out of manually adding tasks to each iOS Things list. Some have been stating that Apple should have added automatic syncing a while ago, but it’s never too late for this feature, right?

The other feature that has been recently added is the “Daily Review” feature. This feature allows you to see the things that have to have your attention right now. By simply glancing at your Things app list, you will be able view your Daily Review section. So, if there’s a task that you really can’t forget about, it will be there in your Daily Review list. Lastly, Apple has added a new scrolling feature. Instead of typical calendar form, Things will now add days and months in a large list. All you have to do to schedule new things is to scroll through that list. I’m not sure how the list view will pan out for all users, but it’s an interesting way to look at scheduling all the same (and possibly more efficient).

Other Basic Upgrades

The entire Things interface has also gone through a revival. Apple has been spending months working on this app, and those many efforts are apparent. If you used Things in the past, you will be surprised at how different this new version looks. Trust me, this is the good kind of surprise. If you want to use Things, however, you will have to currently be running Snow Leopard. Apple will also make Things compatible with any OS after Snow Leopard. If you purchase the Things app right now and want to upgrade to a different OS later, you can do so free of charge. Speaking of charge, Apple’s Things app does come with a price tag.

Cost and Availability

Right now, you can download the Things app directly from the App Store. The cost to purchase this app is $9.99, which isn’t a huge price to pay. Apple seems to have lots a lot of its original Things users when the older version of the app had trouble syncing across devices. Now that Things syncs flawlessly and the app has been updated, it will be interesting to see whether or not Things actually sells. There are other task managers on the market that have been around for awhile, so Apple is going to have a bit of a hard time getting people to make the switch. If you haven’t checked out Things in awhile, head to the App Store to give this newly updated task manager a whirl.