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  • Apple TV’s Upcoming Updates
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Apple is currently testing out some new features for second and third generation Apple TVs. The one feature that has the tech world buzzing is the possibility of Bluetooth. Beta testers have been testing a new Bluetooth feature that allows users to sync any Bluetooth keyboard with an existing Apple TV. This feature will make it simpler for Apple TV users to search and find programs.

Not only will the new Bluetooth feature be a welcomed addition to Apple TV, but activating the new feature won’t require any kind of hardware change. Existing Apple TVs are already equipped to handle this new feature, and setting up a Bluetooth connection only requires activation. There’s some talk, too, that Apple may also bring Siri to Apple TV. The addition of Siri combined with a Bluetooth feature would be immensely appealing to consumers. Apple may have a third trick up its sleeve too.

An Open Apple TV Platform?

Right now, Apple works with specific partners to provide Apple TV users with content. Were Apple to open up the platform to various other types of software, it would be hard to beat what Apple is selling. Some rumors are currently flying that Apple is actually working on opening up its TV platform, but these are just rumors for the time being. Still, it’s nice to dream and an open Apple TV platform might mean a gaming paradise – combined with Bluetooth and Siri, the combination would be almost perfect.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has not stated whether or not any of these features will be rolled out on a mass level. However, Cook has told press that the company is setting its sights on perfecting Apple TV, and that the device is no longer just a fun hobby for the company. Soon, Apple TV users may find Bluetooth, Siri, and an open platform when setting up Apple TV. Currently, the new Bluetooth (Beta) option only works with wireless keyboards, but it’s not too far-fetch to assume that this feature may soon work with other Bluetooth devices.

When Can You Expect Changes?

It’s hard to say whether or not Apple will present all Apple TV users with the newly tested features. Typically, companies test out new features in beta mode before bringing these features to a wider market. While it’s hard to see any real disadvantage to Bluetooth, Siri, or an open platform when it comes to Apple TV, Apple is notorious for making sure that all features and products work perfectly before allowing the public to access new ideas.

So, when can you use Bluetooth with your Apple TV and when can you expect additional features like an open software platform and Siri? I’m guessing that these features won’t be available any time soon, but Apple is likely to keep perfecting these features over the next few months. In short, consumers may see a whole new Apple TV sometime in the new year. Stay tuned to this site for additional information, news, and any Apple TV updates.