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  • What Apple Might Announce About Apple TV
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Today is a big day for Apple and Apple fans. The company will announce a few new devices including a new iPhone, new Apple TV and new Apple watch. All three of those products will come with some major features and upgrades. The internet is full of iPhone predictions already, but what we don’t know much about is the new Apple TV.

The older Apple TV didn’t shock with new features. In fact, it’s still hard to justify Apple TV’s existing price tag at nearly $100 - especially when streaming competitor options retail for much less. This time around, though, Apple is expected to include some amazing features with the latest Apple TV.

What Might Happen

How will Apple make consumers interested in its TV option once again? That’s the burning question, currently. There are a few speculations. Some of the following options might be on Apple’s radar this time around.

4K and HDR Support: this has been a long time coming, but Apple might include 4K and HDR support with the latest version of Apple TV. This support would give Apple TV content the best possible resolution and colors. If you have 4K TV, you’ll be happy with this update. With that new support will also, likely, come some new 4K content.

Amazon Prime video app. This one seems like it will happen no matter what, since Apple did mention Prime video apps some time back.

New remote design. The current remote has a touch panel which can be testy. Many users have noted that the touch panel is overly sensitive, which can lead to problems. Users have also reported some confusion using the remote as it’s not clear which end is up. Both of these issues seem relatively simple to resolve design-wise.

Ease of use: Apple has created something called single sign-on, which will make it a lot simpler for users to sign onto existing apps and into existing applications.

Upgraded universal search settings. Hopefully the new version of Apple TV will make it simpler to search for what you want - because, really, we’re all used to searching by now!

Possible Price Drop

It doesn’t make sense for Apple to keep up its high Apple TV price tag. Comparable options sell for much less. So you can probably expect a price drop to happen today, which will make buying the latest version of Apple TV much more plausible. If Apple does go ahead with some new features and options (as expected) that price drop might mean that the company quickly sells out of the latest Apple TV.

At the time of this writing, all of these projections are simply observations. But, Apple will unveil what the company has been working on where Apple TV is concerned today. When all of those announcements happen (Apple TV, iPhone, etc), I will make sure to come back and update you. For Apple TV fans, though, any new upgrades to the streaming box will be worthwhile ones.

Apple is expected to unveil all of its new products this morning - stay tuned for more.