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  • Apple Sold Nearly One Million Watches Friday
Technology Articles > Cell Phones > iPhone > Apple Sold Nearly One Million Watches Friday

When news of the Apple watch first hit the tech streets, people were skeptical. When Apple announced the watch, tech reviewers claimed that it wouldn’t sell much. But all of those people might have been wrong. On its first day of sale, Apple sold almost one million watches. That’s way more than anyone anticipated.

According to data collected, Apple sold exactly 957,000 watches last Friday. 62% of those sales went towards the most basic version of the watch called the Apple Watch Sport. The average price per watch was around $500. These sales prove that people are not only interested in the Apple watch, but they’re more than willing to spend $500 on the watch.

The Odd Appeal

How did a watch go from barely raising interest upon its first announcement to selling almost one-million units in such a short period of time? More than pure curiosity has to play into a device that’s on the very expensive side, and is also in its first edition. What is the appeal? It could be that the Apple watch (no matter what version is purchased) will likely be very collectible many years down the road. Watch collectors and tech enthusiasts might be snatching up these watches and keeping them in boxes just to sell them at a later time.

The other interesting fact is that the Apple watch isn’t really appealing to Millennials. Those that purchased the watch are in the 35-49 age group with only some purchases by Millennials. Why is this?

Presumably, people in an old age bracket want a more expensive and luxurious watch (and this could be the Apple watch right now) while people that are younger aren’t terrible interested in a tech watch of this kind (they’re more likely to go for something trendy like Shinola watches). It’s also worth pointing out that the Apple watch is just too expensive for most people under the age of 35.

The Fun Side of Things

The Apple watch can do some fun stuff though, and this might be why people are curious enough to spend $500 on the watch. You can open hotel room doors with the Apple watch via keyless entry, view stuff like sunrise times and sunset times, answer phone calls, track run distances, see your heart rate, get a tap on the wrist from your watch when you get a message, and do things like view calendar details right from your wrist. The Apple watch also works seamlessly with your iPhone.

For some people, the fact that the Apple watch has to be within 30 feet of an iPhone in order to use data is a bit of a deterrent. This does mean that you will have to carry two devices in order to get the watch to work, which may not be practical if you want to use the watch to run or do other activities (or if you left your iPhone at home). The good news is, though, that you don’t have to have a separate data plan for your Apple watch. You can just use your existing iPhone data plan.

Buying One

Right now, the Apple watch seems to be more novelty than most other things, but it is appealing to almost one million people so far. Is it for you? It depends what you want to get out of a watch, and whether or not you want to spend $500. On the flip side, it could be a nice collectible some day.